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The Priors Episode Thirty Five

19th February

Time to collect Dawn....Neal is over the moon. Neal's mother Agnes arrived early this morning and supervised a massive clean up and  move around to fit in all the new baby equipment.

Sterilizer and bottles in the kitchen....


Baby safe living room and nappy box

Bath and baby bathing goodies in the bathroom


The biggest change small crib and baby clothes in Neal and Sarah's bedroom.


Plus, the finishing touches to the nursery for when Sarah wants to move Dawn to her own room.


That done Neal sets of to the hospital, he's so excited he feels like he's walking on air!


Going up in the lift feels like an age but eventually he arrives at Sarah's room.

Sarah is packed and ready to go.


Dawn is dressed in a beautiful white knitted set .....she looks so precious!

Neal grins "Are you ready?"

"Yes! doctors been and we are both ready to go!" Sarah replies.


A nurse enters "Are we ready to go?"

"Well we are, I have no idea about you!" Neal quips.

The nurse helps Sarah with Dawn and Neal gathers up all the bags " I know what Chris meant about all the luggage now!" he mumbles to himself.


 At the car Neal loads all the bags into the boot of the car.


Then he straps Dawn into the baby seat while Sarah checks it has been fixed in properly. Once she is sure it has she gets in herself.

They smile and exchange a long loving kiss Sarah's hand brushes his upper thigh and Neal instantly rises to the occasion. He blushes slightly knowing this was so not the time or place for such things. Sarah looks at him and arches an eyebrow?

"It's not MY know you always have that effect on me!" Neal looks at her a winks.

"Well, don't expect me to help you out!" Sarah grins. 

Neal starts the car and manoeuvres out of the car park. He's sure Sarah said something under her breath and he's sure he heard it right but..... well it was more the sort of thing he would expect Kyori to say than Sarah?

"So who's at the house?" Sarah asks expecting her sisters and Neal's parents to be there.

"No one? I thought you would want a bit of time... you know to adjust and rest!" Neal tells her.

"You thought or your mother?" Sarah ponders.

"Well, mum but I would have thought of it... eventually!" Neal grins.

When they arrive Sarah carries Dawn in while Neal unloads the bags from the car. 

Neal leaves the bags in the hall and calls out to Sarah "Sarah?"

"Ssssh ...your going to wake Dawn!" Sarah comes out of the living room still holding a sleeping Dawn

"Ooops! Sorry I guess I'm going to have to get used to this?" Neal kisses Sarah on her nose.

"Yes, and fast! It all looks lovely and you've set everything up? I'm amazed" Sarah tells him as she looks around.

Looking a little sheepish Neal fesses up  "Well, mum and dad did help a little!"


"I thought as much! .....I'll just settle Dawn and then I'll make a nice cup of tea!" Sarah lays Dawn in her Moses basket on the sofa

"I'll just take the bags up and then I'LL make the tea...OK!"

"OK, if you insist!" Sarah smiles.

(By the way check out Sarah's beautiful shoes by Joe Tai!)


 Back at the hospital...

Giselle is sitting in her room chatting with Harry and her parents


"Has anyone told Akane?" Giselle asks.

"Yes.... well I say yes.! Neal phoned her school but they said she was out somewhere and they would let her know!" Agnes replies.


"And has she been in touch?" Giselle looks at her mother.

"You know Akane... she's sixteen she does as she wants!" Agnes shrugs.

"Yes, knowing her she thinks we had our babies without her on purpose!!" Giselle smiles.

They all laugh and agree knowing Akane that's just what she would think. 

Akane..... the baby of the family. Born when Neal was thirteen and Giselle was 14 and spoilt by all  of them!


Now she's sixteen and wants her independence. With her family spread all over the world it was decided when she was twelve that  she should go to boarding school in England. But this week the school was on a skiing trip in France. So maybe it was not that easy for Akane to contact them? The school had a no mobiles (cell phone) policy just to make things a little harder.


"So have you any more news on when you can go home? "  Jonathan changes the subject.


"Hopefully tomorrow!" Giselle crosses her fingers.

Then she looks across at  Harry "Harry, darling I have a real craving for a decent coffee, didn't you say they sold Bucks Coffee in the cafeteria?"

"A... yes? I thought the cravings stopped once you had the baby?" Harry queries.

"Oh, that's an old wives tail put out by men! It takes months for the cravings to go! That right isn't it mum?" Giselle looks across at her mother.

"Yes! and sometimes they never go! Jonathan can you get me a coffee as well ....dear?"  Agnes turns to her husband.


Knowing they were defeated (for ever)  Harry and Jonathan head for the door.

After they've gone getting up Agnes starts to quiz Giselle on if she is really feeling OK and did she think she would cope with Abhay?

"I feel fine and Abhay is a darling baby now he's feeding he hardly ever cries... unlike some of the babies in here! I can't wait to get home and get some quite!" Giselle tells her.

Agnes smiles.... no baby is THAT good and sleep will become a precious commodity however good Giselle thinks Abhay will be.

"OK, well your going to stay at Neal's for a couple of weeks aren't you? So you will have time to adjust a little ....and on that note I need the ladies room!" Agnes gets up and goes to the bathroom.

While Agnes is in the bathroom there's a knock at the door.

"Come in " Giselle calls out.

A nurse come in to take Giselle's blood pressure and pulse "So how are you getting on my dear? I understand you had a little Downy? Not to worry you can leave him here when you go home social services are very good at finding people to look after this sort of baby! Your young so you can soon have another one!" she chirrups as she bustles around Giselle.


At first Giselle is not sure that she is hearing the nurse right? Is she saying to leave Abhay at the hospital! to go home without him?


Just then Agnes appears "GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY DAUGHTERS ROOM.......NOW!" she screams at the nurse.


"I'm sorry...I ...just....I'm sorry!" the nurse turns on her heal and makes a fast exit almost knocking the coffee's out of Harry and Jonathan's hands.


"Hay! be careful!"  Harry admonishes the nurse.

Jonathan is more interested in finding out why his wife is yelling. After a quick explanation from Giselle and Agnes the men are also furious.


Giselle is crying "I want to leave...NOW! I want to go home! Is this what people think? Is this how things will be now....for Abhay?"

"NO! We won't let it be! This woman...she's just ignorant... I'm sure she never meant it!"  Harry tries to sooth Giselle but she's having none of it and starts to pack up her things to leave. "Are you going to help me or not?" she turns and looks from Harry to her parents.

"Now listen darling your staying with Neal, he's left not an hour ago with HIS new baby! Neal and Sarah..they need to get used to their home with Dawn in it and you turning up...well I just think it would be better to give them some space! Daddy will go find the matron and make sure that nurse dose not come back" Agnes tries to calm Giselle down.


"I'll go now!" and Jonathan leaves the room. At the nurses station the nurse is giving her version of events to matron. As Jonathan approaches matron holds up her hand to the nurse signalling her to be quite.


"I would like to speak to you in your office please matron!" Jonathan tells matron struggling to keep the anger out of his voice.

Five minutes later  he returns to Giselle's room. Giselle is still distressed but is calming down with the help of Agnes and Harry. 


"I've spoken to the matron and the nurse has been moved. Now baby girl calm down and feed your baby!" he tells Giselle.


It's only then that Harry, Giselle and Agnes realise  Abhay is crying  in his cot!


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