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The Priors Episode Thirty Four

18th February

Jonathan and Agnes are staying at a hotel near Neal's home (five star naturally)


While the last few days have been filled with surprises and a few shocks Agnes is over the moon at becoming a grandmother... or maybe she is chuffed at her children's expanding families but maybe it's not dawned on her she is now a grandmother? After all what's the fun in looking the same age as your daughter and then a little one calls you grandma?

At the hospital Dr Walsh is talking with Neal and Sarah she asks if they have any questions?


 "Yes, I have a couple.. when can we resume ......marital relations? and how long before we can start trying for another baby?" Neal asks.

Sarah wants the ground to open up and swallow her... how can he ask the doctor this?


But Dr Walsh just smiles "six weeks at least before you can make love ...if Sarah feels comfortable that is! As for another baby? Well, I would say that would but up to your wife but her body needs to recover from Dawn so anything from six months to a year!"

Neal and Sarah are now awaiting Dr Peters who was due that morning but had an emergency so now they sit and chat....


In the room next door Dr Walsh has checked Giselle and say she should be ready to go home tomorrow so long as she takes it easy and has plenty of support! Again they are awaiting Dr Peters!


Neal is telling Sarah that all the baby things have arrived and he's moved a few things around in their bedroom so the cot would fit in! Sarah did not have the heart to tell him she had planned to have Dawn in a small crib next to her bed to start with!

Poor Neal he gets it wrong a lot lately!


Jonathan and Agnes arrive at the hospital a little after two thirty (Visiting time) they find that Harry and Neal have been there for some time. Dr Walsh has been to visit Sarah and has cleared her to go home as soon as Dawn is ready. A nurse offers to take Dawn and Abhay to the nursery so that the new mothers can have some grown up time with their families in the day room.


On entering they find Rumi, Kandy, Chris and some other close friends all waiting for them

"HOORAY!!!" they all cheer.


Neal pushes Sarah into the room as she appears to be stuck in the doorway "What's going on?" Sarah turns to Neal who has a big grin on his face

Kandy come rushing over and grabs Sarah's hand pulling her into the room "It's a sort of late baby shower... as you missed out on one before Dawn was born!"


Sarah starts to laugh and hugs her sister "OK" Rumi turns on a CD player "lets get this party started!" she grins.


Just then a nurse pops her head around the door "Don't forget you promised to keep it at a low roar!"

Sarah takes a drink (non alcoholic as she's breast feeding) and turns to Neal "But how?..."

"It's amazing how accommodating people can be for a small donation to the hospital fund!" he winks at her.


Lizzi and Lotti are both in a sulk as they want to open the gifts and Lilyth won't let them! Which is particularly mean as they can SEE a lot of the gifts have toys in them!!!

After chatting with all her friends for a while, Agnes appears at her arm and steers Sarah to chair.


"OK, it's gift time" Agnes smiles at her daughter-in-law and Neal who as always lately is not far from his wife.


While Sarah starts to open her gifts and Lotti is disparate to know what's in them Agnes seeks out her husband and whispers to him "I don't quite know what happened to these two last year  but they seen happier than ever now!"

Jonathan nods his head "I just hope it stays that way!"


Then their attention is drawn back to Sarah and Neal who are merrily opening the gifts! All but one gift is baby orientated but the one from Rumi (it would be her) is most definitely NOT!

Every one is in fits of laughter when Sarah unwraps some sexy undies.

Neal takes the gift tag and reads it out load " just a little something to get you in the groove, I thought Neal deserved a gift too! Rumi xxx"


Neal grins and thanks Rumi with a kiss   "Careful brother-in-law or I might have to model the undies for you!"


"Oh, Rumi! You always have to go overboard!....... " the room goes quite "but that's why I love you!" Sarah hugs her sister and thanks her for her gift whispering to her that she might need to change the bra due to some expansion in that area!


The party goes well and after about an hour a nurse comes to tell Sarah and Giselle that Dr Peters is on his way and would like to see both of them and their respective babies.


The ladies excuse them selves and along with Neal and Harry return to their rooms.


Dr Peters visits Sarah and Dawn first.

He asks how Sarah is getting along and if Dawn is feeding well. Then he looks at Dawn's chart "Dawn is doing so well her slight jaundice has gone and she is putting on weight nicely.....yes I think she will be ready to go home tomorrow"


Neal hugs Sarah and they both thank Dr Peters.


"Would it be OK to take Dawn in to meet our friends and family?" Neal asks.

"Well...... just for a few minutes I guess will be fine! But if I could just suggest that one of you keeps a hold of Dawn and she does not end up passed around like a parcel! This could be distressing for her and her immune system is still a little low even for a baby!"


Sarah looks a little worried "Oh, OK I wont let her go!"

Sarah carefully picks up Dawn and takes her in to meet everyone, with Neal riding shotgun no one has the chance of getting to close!


Dr Peters greets Giselle and Harry with a smile "Hello, and how is Abhay today?" 


"Well, my mother is here and she seems to be able to make him feed better then we can, so he's sleeping better now as well!" Giselle  tells him.


"Good, good!" Dr Peters lays Abhay on the bed and checks him over. After taking a look at his chart "Yes, he's doing well! His muscle tone is quite low but that's to be expected with a Down's baby. At the moment feeding is the most important thing if you can manage that OK then I see no reason for him to stay with us any longer than his mum!"


"So, you mean when I'm discharged then we can all go home?" Giselle sounds incredulous "But his Down's?" 


"He will have to go home sooner or later....he's fine no heart problems! You will need to take him for regular check ups but all that will all be explained before you go home! Any questions.....good then I will see you soon!

With that the doctor takes his leave.


"Would you like to go back to the party?" Harry asks Giselle holding her hands.


"No, I feel a bit tired can we just stay here while it's quite....just the three of us?" Giselle lays back on the bed.


"Of course we can!"  Harry picks up the TV remote " I'll just check the cricket scores!"


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