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The Priors Episode Thirty Two

17th February

 "Downs Syndrome? But I thought only older women had babies with Downs Syndrome?" Neal looks around the room not quite believing what Harry is saying.

Dr Peters answers his questions " You are more likely to have a baby with Downs if you are an older mother but any age can give birth to a Downs child. I had a young mother last year she was only sixteen!"

Sarah who had been standing in the doorway does not know what to do or say? Should she go to Giselle or would Giselle reject her support? Since Sarah had walked out on Neal last year things have been strained between them? Before that they were such good friends.

In the end she goes with her instincts enters the room and sits on the edge of Giselle's bed. Looking into Giselle's red and swollen eyes Sarah can see her grief and fear.

Sarah can feel her own tears  rolling down her face Giselle focuses on Sarah for the first time, Sarah tries to reassure her but how can she tell her sister-in-law that things will be OK?

Putting out her arms the two women cry together....they cry for the son Giselle thought she would have....the dreams that are now all gone....the life that this child would now have... would he have any sort of life?

Pulling herself together a little Giselle takes the tissue offered to her by Neal who then hands a tissue to Sarah.

"Downs Syndrome....that means he will be ......retarded?" Giselle says to no one in particular.


Again it's Dr Peters who answers "We don't use the word retarded these days. Yes, he will have some learning difficulties and things will never be easy for him but these days there is a lot of support for not only your son but for the family too!"


Dr Walsh had left the room but now returns "How are you feeling now?"

Giselle's eyes cloud over "How do you expect me to feel? You drop this on us and expect me to do the Fandango?"

Neal can't help but smile "That's my sister... the fighter! She'll fight for her son too"

Sarah mouths to Neal "Harry?"

They both look over towards Harry who is still cradling his son in his arms  talking quietly to him.


Dr Peters also looks in Harry's direction "Mr Roshan do you have any questions?"

"No! ..... not at the moment!" Harry puts a finger on the tip of the babies tongue that is popping out and it goes back in. He sighs....."nothing!"

"Well we will leave you to take all this in! Ammm Mrs Hage I was coming to your room next but I can come back later if you want?" Dr Peters turns his attention to Sarah.

"No, it's OK! I think Giselle and Harry need some time with their son!" Sarah looks to Giselle and then Neal checking that she was saying the right thing?


Giselle who by now is starting to feel a little woozy from the medication gives just a hint of a smile and nods her head " His names Abhay... it's Hindu..."

Harry looks over at Giselle "It means fearless! Just like his mother!"

Giselle smiles for real this time and her eyes close, finally giving in to the strong medication.

Harry asks Neal if he would mind moving the chair over next to Giselle's bed?

Neal obliges and Harry sits still holding Abhay who is now sound asleep too.

Sarah and Neal turn and leave the room meeting the doctor at the door to Sarah's room. 

They enter together and Dr Peters goes to Dawns crib... all that noise and fuss and Dawn has slept through it all!

Taking Dawn from her crib he lays her gently on Sarah's bed he asks Sarah if she would mind undressing Dawn so that he can check her over.

After the examination Dr Peters  smiles at Sarah and Neal "Well, Dawn is coming along marvellously, I would say she will be ready to go home in a couple of days"

Sarah and Neal both smile then Neal's face drops "But I've not had chance to sort out her room? We have a cot.. from my sister and a lot of stuff on order but I can't get a decorator until next week!" Then he adds "and that's only because I said I would triple there normal fee!"

"WHAT!! Why? There's no rush she will be in a crib in our room for a while!" Sarah admonishes him.

"Well, I didn't know that! Did I?"  Neal shrugs his shoulders.

"Ahmm..." Dr Peters interrupts them. 

"Sorry!" they say together.

"Well, just work out what's best for you all and I will see you tomorrow" and with that he make a quick exit.


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