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The Priors Episode Thirty One

The next day 17th February


Neal and Harry are both up early as they sit at the dining table eating toast and drinking coffee they chat about their lives and how strange things can be?

After breakfast they both get ready to visit their respective wives and babies.

 Before they leave Neal checks his post and e.mails....

Meanwhile Harry stacks the dish washer and tidies around the kitchen, Giselle has him well trained!


Afterwards they go through Giselle's suitcase, fingers crossed and just hoping that they are taking her the right things? But knowing it will all be wrong!

Then it's time to head for the hospital stopping on the way to by flowers for Giselle!

On arrival at the hospital the two men ride up in the lift together parting at the doors of their respective wives rooms. 

Neal enters Sarah's room, he finds her distracted and sitting in the chair gently rocking Dawn.

Going over to her he kneels down in front of her cupping her face in his hands, he can see that  she has been crying

"What's the matter Sarah? Please tell me what's going on!" his voice is little more than a whisper and he can feel a catch in his throat. He can't bare that Sarah is so upset at a time when they should be so happy.

Sarah manoeuvres herself around Neal and gets up placing Dawn in her crib!

Turning to Neal she looks down at him still kneeling on the floor she studies his face not sure what to say?

Neal gets up and takes her hands in his "Please Sarah!" he implores her "tell me why you are so upset? Is it to do with your father?"

"Well, yes! ...mostly....I think?" Sarah sighs "I don't know where to begin? I've bottled all this up for so long!"

Neal sits on the bed and taking Sarah's hand pulls her down next to him "You know all my forgave me and we are still together! Whatever it is it can't be THAT bad? Is it to do with you or your sisters? Rumi would it be?" Neal asks with pleading in his eyes.

Sarah opens her mouth and is about to tell Neal her darkest family secrets when .........


followed by a loud crash as something is thrown against the wall next door. Making both Neal and Sarah jump!

Neal looking at Sarah shock on his face "What the hell?..... that's Giselle..the stuff we picked out for her can't be THAT bad?" and he runs from the room followed by Sarah.

At the door of the adjacent room there's a crowed gathering and two nurses are trying to usher people away as Dr Walsh rushes past then into the room calling to a nurse to bring a sedative.

Neal tries to push past the nurse by the door "I'm sorry Mr Hage but we can't let you in at the moment!"  she tells him.

Neal's having none of it, the protective brother gene kicks in and he pushes past her and enters the room. He can't work out quite what's going on?

Giselle is sitting in the bed sobbing like Neal had never seen her sob before, Harry is trying to comfort her. The nurse arrives with a sedative and Dr Walsh injects it into her IV line.

At first he thinks the baby might be dead but then amongst the shouting and crying  he can hear the baby crying.'Few! that's a relief' Neal thinks  'so what is going on? The baby must be ill?' a hundred thoughts rush through his mind.

He can now see that Harry is crying too!  Then Harry turns to the baby and picks him up from the cot he cradles him gently in his arms.

Harry tries to hand the crying infant to Giselle but she turns away?

Now Neal is really confused her baby is sick and his sister is rejecting him this can't be right?

"Giselle? what's going on?" Neal asks his sister taking hold of her hand.

She just shakes her head and Harry comes over to him still holding the baby "The doctors say our son has Downs Syndrome!" Harry tells Neal his voice little more than a whisper.

(As most of you know both my daughters have Downs Syndrome so this is a very important story line for me I just hope I can do it justice?) 


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