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Episode Thirty....The Priors

 4.00 pm 16th February


 Dr Walsh checks Giselle and asks her a ton of questions. Giselle and Harry are living in France at the moment so getting hospital details might be a little difficult?


Dr Walsh puts out a call for a French interpretor then contacts the French hospital that Giselle has registered with. After a long three way conversation she goes back in to see how Giselle is doing.


While examining Giselle again Dr Walsh smiles at Giselle "I've spoken with Dr Moreau and he informs me you are booked in for a caesarean on the 28th but it looks like you won't be able to make that appointment, so you will have to put up with us I'm afraid!"  


Just then another wave of pain washes over Giselle and she screams loudly while squeezing Harry's hand VERY tightly coursing him to wince and whimper slightly. "I'm loosing the feeling in my fingers Giselle...can you just loosen your hand? Just a little...pleeeeeeease?" 


"You ass! You did this to me ......I WANT YOU TO SUFFER!!!!!" Giselle glares at poor Harry.

He swears later when relaying this story to his family that her eyes had turned black and he thought any minute that her head would spin!


 Meanwhile in Sarah's room they are all having a bit of a giggle as they listen to Giselle through the wall. "Now aren't you glad you missed all this when I was having Dawn?" Sarah chides Neal.

 "No! I would much rather have been here with you screaming and braking my hand!" Neal kisses the top of her head and winks towards her sisters.

By now Dawn has been changed and gone back to sleep. Neal turns to the three sisters "Now! what was going on earlier? With your.....father?"

 Just then there is a clatter in the hall and Harry pops his head round the door "There taking Giselle to theatre she's having a caesarean!" Harry looks a little worried even though he knew she was due for a caesarean in France. But this was different it was not as arranged.... this was an emergency caesarean!


"I'll come and wait with you, have you had a chance to phone your family yet?" Neal asks as he jumps up, slips his shoes back on and leaves the room.


 "Few! Saved by the bell!" Sarah turns to Kandy "so what was you thinking? Why on earth would you contact him... our father?"


 "I'm sorry! It was all such a long time ago, I thought it was time to know heel the wounds?" Kandy looks from Sarah to Rumi.

"Kandy, he sent us away, I was fourteen...I had no where to go or anything? He just stopped loving me! You should have said you had been in touch with him or that he was coming then I could have stayed away!" Rumi shook her head as she walked around the room.

 "I've just had a baby why would you think I needed the extra stress of seeing him? I will NEVER forgive him for what he did! He destroyed our family!" Sarah looks accusingly at Kandy.

"Dad knows were 'he' is! I know he does!" Kandy looks from one sister to the other "I thought he might tell us?"


Sarah grabs Kandy by the arm "are you sure? what has he said to you? " 

Rumi interjects "how do you know this?"

"Well... unlike Sarah I stayed in contact with father and Maggie and Maggie...well she's quite nice really and she said 'he' had been in contact with father!"


 "Does Maggie know where 'he' is?" Sarah asks.

" I don't know? I don't think so?" Kandy looks at Sarah her eyes pleading for her to understand.


"OK! so we contact father and get him to tell us where 'he' is?" Rumi straightens up and looks at her sisters "Now, end of conversation!"




So back with Giselle and her caesarean....

Giselle is taken into theatre "I want to be asleep! None of this chopping me up while I'm awake.... and I had better wake up! .... Or I will come back and hunt you!" she screams at anyone who will listen.


 "Mrs Roshan, I can assure you we will be putting you to sleep!" Dr Walsh tells her ' for all our sakes' she thinks to herself.

The operation goes well and soon a Doctor comes out of theatre smiling, she walks over to were Harry and Neal are waiting "Mother and son are fine. Mrs Roshan will be back in her room  soon and your son will be in the nursery, if you would like to see him a nurse can take you to him or if you want to stay with your wife we will bring him in as soon as she has come round properly!" 

 "Well, while Giselle is still out of it I would like to see my son! Giselle is bound to want all the details when she wakes up!" Harry grins.

"Congratulations! Now we are both dad's WOW all this in a couple of days! I have no idea how my mum and dad are going to take this? They said they would be here next week! They were going to stay a few days and then go on to France so they would be there for Giselle! Well, looks like they can forget that bit now!" Neal slaps Harry on the back and both men laugh together.

As they are laughing and slapping each other on the back a nurse appears.   "Mr Roshan your wife will be going back to her room soon, would you like to see you son now?" 

"You bet I would!" Harry says following the nurse towards the nursery, he turns to Neal "Well! Are you coming Uncle Neal?"


 Neal turns on his heel and follows Harry as they head for the nursery.Entering they follow the nurse to a crib with a sweet little pink baby boy in it! Harry looks at the baby in his crib and is instantly besotted by him.

 "He's gorgeous! and all his bits and pieces are fine?"  Harry asks.


 "The nurse smiles "Yes, he's fine!" but she has a little quizzical look on her face that neither Neal or Harry notice. 

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