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The Priors... Episode Twenty Nine

 3.00 pm 16th February

Neal turns and looks at Sarah, Rumi and Kandy who look back at him none of them wanting to explain what's going on!


Just as Neal is about to ask again what's going on the door opens Giselle and Harry enter.

 "We saw those people getting out of the lift downstairs and thought it would be safe to come back up?" Giselle tells them on entering.

"Dam nurses STILL keep accosting me every time I come in here! You would think they had only ever seen pregnant women in labour! It is possible to be HUGE and still not about to drop it!" she scowls.

Harry looks around the room taking in that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife! Looking towards Neal " I'm sorry I said we should give you some time... but well, you know Giselle!" and he shrugs his shoulders.

Just then there is another knock on the door and a nurse enters "Oh, you have a room full Mrs Hage, I wonder if you have room for a little one?"


Then she turns and wheels in a crib. The room is silent as she parks the crib next to Sarah.

"DAWN!!!! Oh, I thought it would be days? We were just going to go up to SCBU!" Sarah exclaims smiling from ear to ear... all thoughts of her father briefly leaving her.


Neal is instantly by her side and looking adoringly into the crib as his baby daughter sleeps peacefully!

"Dr Peters said she was doing so well there was no need for her to be with us in SCBU any more! He will be along later to see you and Dawn" the nurse tells Sarah then she turns and leaves them to it.

As the door closes behind the nurse Dawn starts to stir in her crib. 

"Oh, what do I do?" Sarah looks at Neal.

Neal smiles "You pick her up silly!" 

Sarah still looks a bit uncertain and Rumi gets up she gently lifts Dawn from her crib and hands her to Sarah who smiles at her sister in gratitude. Dawn starts to make little noises and nuzzle Sarah for a feed. 


Harry immediately decides it's time for him to find... something? Then he remembers they left Sarah's bag with her clean clothes in the car he offers to go get it! Oh, and he might just check out some magazines on the way back? he then turns quickly and leaves the room.

Getting up from her chair Giselle looks on " I don't think I will be doing this breast feeding thing?"


 "No, I never thought for a minute that YOU would!" Neal's laughs at her.


 "And what's that supposed to mean?" Giselle replies haughtily.

 "Well, I just don't see you breast feeding that's all! No need to get out of your pram sis!" Neal starts to chuckle at the look on Giselle's face.


 Suddenly her expression changes and she grabs hold of the back of the chair! "Oh, dear....SHIIIIT...this kids not supposed to come for two more weeks!!! NEAL GET HARRY!!!! NOW!" and her waters brake all over the floor.

 Giselle's shouting makes Sarah jump and she almost drops Dawn, if it was not for Kandy who was sitting quietly next to Sarah putting out her hand to steady Dawn. Dawn then starts to cry ...not much more than a meow really but I'm sure with time it will 'improve'?


"Giselle, are you OK?" Neal asks stupidly! 

"NO! You numskull... I'm having a BABY" Deep intake of breath "Now find HARRY!!!"


 Just then a nurse pops her head in around the door smiling she asks "Is everything OK?"

"NO, YOU SILLY GIRL I'M HAVING A DAM BABY!!!" Giselle glares at her. 

 "Oh, that's OK then! We are quite good at delivering babies around here! Now if you just hang on for a minute I will get you a wheel chair and find you a room where a doctor can take a look at you!

 With that the nurse turns on her heels in search of a wheelchair and informs matron that they will need a room and a doctor for Mrs Hage's sister-in-law!

 Neal helps Giselle to the chair. Sarah moves round to the other side of the bed with Dawn clutched in her arms (she's not taking any chances of Giselle making her jump again)


 "OK, I think I will go look for Harry" Neal turns to leave just as the nurse enters followed by Harry

"Right, Mrs....."


 "It's Roshan, Mrs find me a room and get me that gas I NEED meds!" and Giselle moves herself over to the wheelchair.


Turning to Harry "So where have YOU been? Your never around when I need you!"


But before he can answer  she is wheeled out of Sarah's room and into the room next door just as Dr Walsh arrives.


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