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The Priors Episode Twenty Seven

2:30 pm 15th February


 Kandy comes crashing into Sarah's room her arms full of bags, magazines and her laptop "Hi, you two!" She sees Sarah and Neal surrounded by magazines "Oh, you have mags! Never mind these might be more up to date?" and she flops down on the chair scattering magazines and bags all over the place.

 Sarah and Neal smile at each other "So, what's in the bags?" Neal asks making a grab for one and opening it up. Out tumble the cutest tiniest baby outfit, he holds it up to show Sarah.

"Oh, Kandy this is so pretty, thank you" Sarah takes the outfit from Neal who is already diving into the next bag he pulls out a VERY large nursing bra "it looks a bit like some sort of torture implement???" he grins.


Raising his eyebrow and looks from Sarah to Kandy and then back to Sarah who makes a grab for it but is not quick enough.


Neal jumps up and tries it on! Kandy dissolves in complete hysterics and falls on the floor! This is a side of Neal she has never seen before .... it makes her realize why her sister is so in love with him and was able to forgive his......indiscretions!

 Just then a nurse walks in and is floored by the sight that greets her 'wait until I get a brake the girls are soooo not going to believe THIS!!!!!' she thinks to herself.

"OK! I was going to ask what all the noise was but I can see why now! Ahamm, I think I will go" and she backs out of the door.

 Neal has gone a little red in the face he removes the bra and hands it silently to Sarah.


Then he turns to Kandy puts out his hand and helps her up from the floor.


Sarah brakes the silence "You two are like a comedy act! Not so good for a woman who has just had a baby, I have a week bladder you know! Now excuse me I just need to pee!"


and with that Sarah gets of the bed and makes a dash for the toilet!

Neal and Kandy look at each other and then dissolve  into fits of laughter again!

After Sarah, Neal and Kandy have composed themselves they finish unpacking all the bags  Kandy had brought in.


Then they turn to Kandy's laptop and order all the baby items the think they will need!Plus a lot more... just in case!


They just have time for a visit with Dawn before Neal gets a phone call from Giselle. He tells her to come straight to the hospital and they go back down to Sarah's room.

Kandy feels this would be a good time to leave and spend some time with Chris telling them she will be back tomorrow with Rumi (if she can get one of the Lynn sister to babysit Marc?)


Just after Kandy has left Giselle and Harry arrive....Giselle hugs her brother and then turns to Sarah hugging her too.


 Harry greats Neal with a hand shake and a "Congratulations!"


Giselle sits down heavily  in the arm chair and starts to regal them with how the nurses thought she was an admittance! Then she remembers why they are there and fires twenty questions at both Neal and Sarah about the birth the baby and anything else she can think of!  


Eventually she calms down and Neal asks if she would like to see Dawn ?


"We can go see her? Oh, YES!!!! That would be wonderful! I didn't ask as I thought it would not be allowed!" she almost screams with excitement.

Neal smiles "It's fine I asked a nurse earlier and explained that you was coming here from France" he turn to Harry "You can come too.... if you would like that is?"

With a  big smile on his  face "I would love to!" Harry replies.

So Neal and Sarah take them up to SCBU to meet Dawn.

After donning the gowns they quietly enter SCBU and go over the Dawns incubator. Sarah sits down and the nurse comes over and removes Dawn from her incubator gently placing her in Sarah's arms.


Dawn makes a little meww sound almost like a kitten and nuzzles Sarah looking for a feed. Harry and Giselle are transfixed by Dawn so small and fragile. Without realizing Harry places his hand on Giselle's swollen bump and gently rubs it. Giselle smiles and leans into Harry as Neal sits next to Sarah and kisses Dawns head. Sarah looks up and asks Harry and Giselle if they mind is she feeds Dawn? They say no but Neal can see that Harry is a little uncomfortable at the idea of getting an eye full of his sister-in-laws breasts!

"I'll take Harry down stairs and see if we can find a drink or something?" Neal volunteers getting up and again kissing Dawn and the Sarah.

With a sigh of relief Harry is only to happy to accompany him and the two men leave the room. Giselle takes Neal's seat and for a while the two women sit in silence watching Dawn as she feeds! Eventually Giselle speaks and soon the two women are chattering  away.


 "By the way" Giselle tells Sarah "No need to buy a cot...I have two so I brought one with me! I just hope you like it?"

"Oh, Giselle you have impeccable taste I'm sure it will be beautiful! But why do you have two cots?" Sarah is puzzled.

 "Long story...short version Harry and I could not chose so we brought them both!" Giselle laughs.

 When Dawn has been change and is again asleep they leave her and return to Sarah's room where the men are happily sitting watching sport on TV. Soon dinner arrived for Sarah.  Neal and Harry go down to the Cafe and return with take away for them and Giselle. It's just like old times and they have a fun evening.

It's getting late and it's evident that both Sarah and Giselle are ready for sleep. Neal, Harry and Giselle bid Sarah good night. Sarah asks them to take some of the gifts home with them as her room is getting a little overcrowded! Sarah also asks Giselle if she would mind sorting out some clothes for her.  Harry starts to ask about Hotels but Neal will have none of it and insists they will stay with him.


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