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The Priors Episode Twenty Five

5.23pm 14th February

Back at the hospital Neal's heads for Sarah's room, when he arrives the room is empty.


Looking round he sees a nurse coming towards him.

At first his heart skips a beat! Is everything OK? Was it the hospital on the phone? Has something happened to Dawn or worse Sarah?? all these thoughts buzz round in his head and then he sees the nurse is smiling ....few! So where is Sarah? 

"Hello, Mr Hage. Mrs Hage is up with your daughter" the nurse greets him

"Thanks, is everything OK?" life is so strange at the moment he finds he still needs to ask even though the nurse is smiling at him.


"Yes, I understand your baby is doing very well I'll put these in Mrs Hage's room?" the nurse takes the flowers Neal is holding.

Neal forgot he was standing there with a bowl of Orchids in his hands "Oh, yes, thank you ....there for my wife" he tells the nurse unnecessarily.

"Yes, I thought they might be!" the nurse tries to suppress a giggle

Neal smiles seeing how daft that was "OK, I think I'll go see my girls before I say anything else daft!"  On his way to the lift he thinks about what he just said 'my girls' ...I like the sound of that!

 Up in SCBU Neal puts on a fresh gown, washes his hands and enters the room. The sight that greets him is embedded in his memory for ever..... His beautiful Sarah nursing there daughter.......

Sarah looks up at him, he's never seen that look before... beautiful-yes as always but that inner glow? that?????..... no, there are no words to describe that look. He feels like he's in an alternate reality  a world where everything is extra bright and rosy? Then he thinks he sure needs some more sleep his mind is going a little crazy!


"they said she was doing so well that I could try and feed her! She might even be of the monitors soon!" Sarah smiles up at Neal "What? Why are you looking at me like that? Neal, are you OK?" now Sarah has a puzzled look on her face.


"Sorry, you two... you just look so........perfect!" is all Neal can come up with as he bends to kiss first his wife then his daughter.... He's just given his daughter her first ever kiss from him!

Neal sits down next to Sarah and puts his arm around her shoulders as he watches the little miracle  in his wife's arms gently suckle at her mothers breast. Soon her eyes close and Dawn falls fast asleep.


The nurse watches the little family from the other side of the room! Naturally she knows who Neal is and the circumstances behind Dawn's miracle birth. She wonders how much the newspapers would pay for such a story?

A lot she figures? I would have to be... if she was found out she would be sacked for sure! Maybe she should just let them have this time together?....but then someone will let the papers know it's the way of the world! She sighs it might as well be her! 


Just then another nurse enters the room and smiles over at the nurse sitting at a desk in the corner of the room. She then turns to Sarah "Mrs Hage, I've come to see if you would like any dinner? They will be coming round  soon and it's important to keep your strength up!" the nurse inquires.

 The nurse sitting at the desk gets up realizing she has missed the chance of getting a sneaky photo this time! "I can put Dawn back for you if you want to get something to eat?" she smiles sweetly feeling guilty even though it was only thoughts.

 "Thank you! Yes, my arm is feeling a little numb!" just then Sarah's tummy gave a little grumble and she realized she had not eaten since her large breakfast that morning!

They all smile and the nurse gently takes the baby and carefully places her back in the incubator  

Then Neal accompanies Sarah and the second nurse back to Sarah's room.


Sarah sees the beautiful Orchid plant when she enters and reads out the message on the card 

Roses are red; Daisies are white;

Valentine, you make every day a delight.

Violets are blue; Daffodils are yellow;

Valentine, you make my heart jiggle like Jello!


 Sarah laughs and kisses Neal in thanks

Soon Mrs Rose enters with Sarah's dinner and places the try on the table. "Enjoy" she says cheerily and leaves the room. It tastes OK and every now and then Neal dips in and helps her out as he's not eaten all day either.

Soon after they have finished Kandy and Rumi arrive with baby gift baskets and within minutes the room is alive with girly giggles.  After a while Sarah glances over at Neal who is nodding off in the chair. "Neal!" She calls across to him "Why don't you go home? You look all in!"

"Humm... Yes I think I might" Neal replies a little sheepishly as he had been sitting there trying to work out how to say he wanted to leave without feeling he was in some way letting Sarah down.


Getting up he gives Sarah a long lingering kiss

before he turns to his sisters-in-laws and gives them both a kiss

on the tops of there heads. "night girls and ...oh, yes! Happy Valentines day ladies" and with a mock bow he leaves the room. 

The three girls giggle and chat for a while then both Sarah and Kandy start to flag. Rumi who is also feeling a bit tired as Marc is teething decides it's time for her and Kandy to leave and let Sarah get some rest.

 The three sisters say there good nights  and soon Sarah is fast asleep!