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The Priors Episode Twenty Four

When Neal got home he realized how drained he felt. After changing the bed (as instructed by Kandy) and turning the mattress? 'what is that mess???' he striped of and slipped in between the freshly laundered sheets....within minutes he was sound asleep!


 Now he was up and dressed with a cup of coffee  in one hand and the phone in the other.

After ordering a new Mattress from BEDZ, he stretches out on the sofa 'so who to call first? Mum and dad or Giselle? whoever he phones first the other will be upset! Oh, decisions, decisions!!!!

 In the end he decides to phone his mum and dad first but they are not in so he phones Giselle "Hi, Gise......"


 "Giselle...sis.... calm down.....if your not careful.... " Neal tries to calm her

"DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN....." then in the background Neal can hear Harry enter the room

"Giselle! STOP screaming like a banshee before you bring on the baby!" he admonishes her 

 (the cat makes a quick exit)

"I AM NOT SCREAMING! DO NOT TELL ME I'M SCREAMING LIKE....." Harry gives her 'the look' and Giselle goes quite.

"It is possible your brother may have had better things on his mind then getting off a plane and phoning his sister! Especially with a beautiful wife like Sarah HA HA!" Harry winks and Giselle.

Giselle gives him the 'you DIRTY old man' look and turns back to the phone.

"SO! what do you have to say for yourself?..... and it had better be good!" Giselle asks him.

"Well lets see? Chris picked me up from the airport...." Neal starts to say

"I thought Sarah was going to pick you up? Sick again was she?" there was a note of sarcasm in her voice

"Well sort of...." Neal said

"Oh?" her voice softens

"Look Giselle just shut up a minute will you  I'm trying to tell you something...." Neal starts to loose his temper

"Well, EXCUSE ME! If I have an opinion...." now she sounds upset (hormones)

"For god sake woman Sarah's had a baby! I have a daughter we called her Dawn she's beautiful.... Giselle? are you there....Giselle?"

The line is quite then Harry comes on the phone

"Neal is everything OK? Giselle is sitting here doing her best fish impression you've struck her dumb! What on earth did you say to her?" Harry sounds worried

"Sarah's just had a baby! I have a daughter!" Neal replies puffing out his chest


"Ahum......are you sure it's yours? I mean you have been separated and ... well you was putting it about, she could have been too!" Harry sounds uncomfortable.


"THE BABY IS MINE!!!!! SARAH IS NOT LIKE THAT!!!" Neal replies through gritted teeth almost spilling his coffee on his meat and two veg!

"Look I'm sorry offence but you did say she left you after the miscarriage and you only had sex at Christmas... so how did she have a baby?" Harry sounds apologetic but confused

Before Neal can reply Giselle takes the phone from Harry having pulled herself together


"So is the baby yours?" she asks.

Neal sighs "Yes, the baby is mine! I'm not sure what happened but the baby was a twin and Sarah only lost least I think that's what the doctor said?" now Neal starts to feel a little confused.

"Oh? so I have a niece? You say you've called her Dawn...Dawn? I like it!" Giselle cheers up quickly.

"You do? good we thought it suited her!" Neal smiles

"So is she OK? When can we see her?"  Giselle asks

"WOWA, YOU will not be going ANYWHERE!" Harry states firmly "In case it has escaped your notice YOU are almost nine months pregnant you CAN NOT go all the way to England from France what ever you might think!!!" Harry is indignant but telling this to Giselle is like waving a red flag to a ball!

Completely ignoring Harry Giselle informs Neal that she will be there by tomorrow evening she will drive as she knows she would not be able to fly! After all it's only 300 miles

Neal can hear Harry sighing deeply! Harry knows he has no chance of winning the argument.

"OK!" Harry holds his hands up "Tell Neal WE will be there tomorrow"

Giselle smiles knowing she has got her own way again and relays what Harry has said to Neal.

Neal also knows that there is no chance of trying to dissuade Giselle.

"OK, sis I'll see you tomorrow, just phone me when you are nearly here and I'll let you know whether to come here or to the hospital!" Neal puts the phone down sighs and shakes his head.

  Just then the phone's Neal's parents.

"Hi, darling you left a message on the answer phone? You sounded strange... are you OK? I just tried to phone Giselle, I thought she might be in labour but I could not get through to her... is she OK? Dad said I should wait for you to phone us back, but I just needed to know...Oh, you will never guess what happened this morning! ... Jenny Pick at number 27 had a huge bouquet of flowers delivered.... and her telling me not two days ago how fed up she was with Valentines day coming up and no guy to buy her flowers...... "

 "Mum! Earth to mother!......" Neal calls down the phone

"Oh, sorry dear you said you had something to tell us? Was...."

'like mother like daughter!' Neal thinks to himself " MOTHER!!!"

 "Don't shout dear... such an annoying trait! You know I was telling your father...." Agnes continues

 "MUM...Sarah's had a baby! I'm a dad!" Neal tells her mater of factly



 more silence.........................


'what is it with my family? always a drama? If I sent this in as a film script no one would believe it!' Neal thinks to himself.

 "Neal, are you there son? What did you say to your mother? she's sitting here doing her fish imprecision!" his father asks confused.

Neal sighs this is soooo like hard work! "Sarah has had a baby, her name is Dawn, she is perfect but a little small.....No, we did not know she was pregnant but we are both very happy... Oh, and yes I'm sure the baby is mine!"

 "Oh!.... OK, son!  Why would we think the baby was not yours?" Neal's dad sounds a little puzzled

 Then Neal can hear his mother asking what he means by that?

 "Look dad I need to go... I said I would be back at the hospital by now love you both...bye!" and he puts the phone down fast.

Neal goes in search of the car keys ... Sarah leaves them in some funny places sometimes!

The phone is ringing but he decides to let the machine answer it, having found the keys on Sarah's dressing table Neal leaves for the hospital.


Episode Twenty Five