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The Priors Episode Twenty Three

10.30 am STILL 14th February

 At the door of SCBU Neal and Sarah put on gowns and wash there hands as they were instructed yesterday? Was it yesterday? No? it was just a few hours ago.... but it seems like a life time....

  They enter and a nurse gets up to great them "Mr and Mrs Hage?" she questions

 "Yes, were here to see our baby" Neal tells her.


"How is she doing?" Sarah asks as she reaches Dawn's incubator

 "She's doing very well" The doctor tells them.

Neal takes a chair from the corner and sits down with Sarah and they both look on in wonder at the little life holding her own in the incubator in front of them. Sarah rests her head on Neal's broad shoulder and sighs deeply "Penny for them?" Neal asks.

 "I'm just amazed at all that has happened ....I still can't get over all this!" and she gestures towards the incubator.

 Just then she sees Kandy's head pop through the door "So is it OK if I come in?"

 The nurse jumps up and strides towards the door before Sarah or Neal can say anything the nurse starts to usher Kandy away.

Sarah calls out to the nurse "It's my sister Kandy! She just wants to know if she can see Dawn?"

 "Oh, OK sorry, but you understand we have to be very careful!" the nurse replies

"Yes, of course! So would it be OK for her to come in?" Sarah asks

 "Well it should only be two at a time but as we are quite at the moment I don't see why not?" the nurse hands Kandy a gown

Kandy washes her hands and enters the room coming over to the incubator "Oh, my! she's so little! But sooo perfect!"

Turning to Neal and Sarah Kandy smiles and says "congratulations mummy and daddy you have the most perfect baby daughter!" Looking at their faces they are both grinning like a couple of Cheshire cats!

They stay for a while but it's evident that the lack of sleep is catching up with all of them... the nurse looking after Dawn comes over to check on Dawn "You both look like you could do with some sleep. Especially you Mrs Hage don't forget you have got a baby to look after, she will need her family fit and well!"

"Yes, and you will lose plenty of sleep when Dawn comes home!" Kandy quips

Neal looks at Sarah and sees how tired she looks "Sarah, sweetheart you go and get some rest, I can stay here with Dawn....Kandy you look like you could do with some rest too, why don't you get Chris to take you home and we will see you tonight?"

Sarah hesitates, she is exhausted but does not want to leave Dawn.

"Look why don't you all get some rest, Dawn is to little to miss you for a few hours and as I said you will need to be on top form for when she gets out of here!" the nurse looks at all three of them reassuringly "Dawn will be OK, she's coming along so well and I can call you if there's a need, but I'm sure there wont be" she adds hastily.

"OK" all three of them agree. As Sarah gets up she staggers a little and Neal reaches out for her "wowa there! Come on lets get you to bed!"

"That's what got you here in the first place" Kandy can't help but say and the all laugh.

Then the nurse is by their sides with a wheel chair for Sarah.

Sarah tries to wave it away "Oh, I'm fine I don't need that!"

"I'm sorry Mrs Hage but it's hospital policy....patents are not allowed to keel over on the wards!" she turns her head a little and winks at Neal.

"Come on Sarah, you can't argue with the nurse... now get in and if your a good girl I'll let you press the button for the lift!" Neal chides her.

 When they get back to Sarah's room Chris is fast asleep and snoring quietly in the chair.

"Well glad to see some ones getting some shut eye" says Neal loud enough to wake Chris.


Kandy goes over the Chris and hands him a tissue " your dribbling dear! Now if you can stay awake can we drop Neal of on our way home?"

Neal is about to protest when Kandy holds up her had to interrupt him "No, Sarah will never get any rest if you stay! Besides don't you have some phone calls to make?"

 Neal grins "well I do need to phone mum and dad and Giselle and I also need to cancel some meetings!"

"There you go then! We will drop you of you can get some sleep and sort yourself out....Oh, and you might need to put some clean sheets on the bed!!" Kandy giggles.

"Huh???" Neal looks at her confused.

Kandy laughs and turns to share the joke with Sarah but gets no response.......Sarah is sound asleep!

"Come on you two, I think it's time to go" Chris gets his and Kandy's coat and gently guides her out of the room.

 Neal quietly gets his jacket and follows them out of the door.


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