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The Priors Episode Twenty Two

9.15 am 14 February

After breakfast a doctor arrives and gives Sarah a brief examination "Well, all appears to be OK! I expect you want to get to SCBU and see your daughter?" she tells Sarah.

"Oh, yes! We were told we could see Dawn as soon as you had been?" Sarah replies

"Yes, that's fine, Dr Walsh will want to talk to you this afternoon but we can sort that out later" the doctor smiles.

Neal shuffles his feet " Do you know how this happened yet? Why did you not know after the miscarriage that Sarah was carrying twins? And what's this.... two womb thing?"

"Well we don't have all the answers yet! Dr Walsh will be able to talk you through everything this afternoon now if you can excuse me..." The doctor makes a quick exit

Neal and Sarah look at one another "Do you get the feeling that the doctor has no idea what she's talking about?"Sarah asks.

 "I think it best we wait for Dr Walsh with our questions" Neal feels so confused but does not want to alarm Sarah.

 Just then the door bursts open and in walks a giant bouquet of flowers and a bunch of balloons with Kandy underneath!

 Sarah calls out to her sister"Is that you in there?"

"Hello, Sarah, Neal and where's my niece? How's she doing? When can I see here? Do you have a name yet?...." Kandy is bubbling over with excitement.


 "WHOA! Take a breath! Now did you think to bring any clothes or toiletries?" Sarah asks.

"Yes, of course I did!...."  Kandy tells her indignantly " Chris has your bag, he's just parking the car!"

(Poor Chris always parking cars!) Just then there a knock at the door "Is it OK to come in?" calls Chris through the door.

 " Yes, come in" Sarah calls back trying to fight her way through the balloons while Kandy arranges the flowers in a vase on the locker next to Sarah's bed.

 With a big bang and small crash Chris staggers through the door with two large bags and Sarah's toiletries box.

"Good grief!  What have you packed? The kitchen sink?" Sarah looks at Kandy.

Chris sits down in a chair with a flomp! "I think the sink is in that bag" Chris points to the larger of the two big bags.

"Well it's hard to know what to pack for other people so I sort of packed a bit of everything? Oh, and Chris sorted out some stuff for you Neal" Kandy says with a pout.


Neal who had been standing in the corner with a bemused look on his face watching the circus stands to attention at this news "There's some 'stuff' for ME in this lot?"

Kandy unzips one of the bags and starts to rummage around "there!" she says. She hands over an electric shaver and some clean underpants (at least she hopes there clean)


The rest of the items she starts to unpack into the small wardrobe and the locker next to Sarah's bed. "I must say for a woman who professes to be so conservative in her taste finding any suitable nightwear for a hospital was quite difficult!" 


Sarah ignores her sisters comments picks up a nightgown and her toiletries bag and heads for the bathroom just as Neal slips in, in front of her " You Toad! Get out of there!!!" Sarah bangs on the bathroom door.

"Won't be a moment my darling" Neal calls back through the door " I just need to make myself even more handsome to go see my special little girl" and he grins to himself.

"Oh, Kandy! Do you have my toothbrush?" Neal call through the door

"Well funny you should ask!..... No!" Kandy laughs

"Thanks for that!" Neal grumbles through the door

"You did remember mine though?" Sarah asks as she opens her toiletries bag and sees it sitting on top

"Naturally" replies Kandy with a shrug of her shoulders

The door opens and Neal steps out. "All yours me sweet!"

When Sarah has shut the door Kandy turns to Neal and in an almost whisper asks "what's going on? Do they know what's happened yet? How did Sarah have a baby when she did not even know she was pregnant?"

"The doctor said they will explain it all later! At the moment we just want to see Dawn and find out how she is!" Neal shrugs his shoulders.

 "Dawn? You've called her Dawn? .... I like it....yes, very pretty name!" Kandy grins.

The bathroom door opens and Sarah comes out looking more refreshed and in her own night clothes. She looks to Neal "Right I'm done! Lets go and see Dawn now?"

"Will we be able to see her?" asks Kandy gesturing from Chris to herself.

 "I don't know I can ask the nurse for you?" Neal replies. They start towards the door "I'll just stay here and have a read of the paper. You don't need me in the way and well.... I'm not much good with babies!" Chris informs them with a cheeky grin.

 Kandy grins "that's not true! you love playing with  Marc!!!" (older sister Rumi's son)

"Yes, but Marc is well .....bigger! and not all....tied up with tubs and..... things!!!!" Chris replies

"OK, we'll see you later you big wozz" Kandy tells him still grinning.


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