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The Priors Episode Twenty One


 Just after Dawn (6:30) 14th February

Neal escorts Sarah back to her room accompanied by a nurse.

 She looks ready to drop so the nurse helps settle Sarah into bed.

 "Sweetheart, you need to sleep! Do you want me to go?" Neal asks

 "No, please stay with me, I need you!" Sarah sits up in bed a look of fear on her face.

 "OK, sweetheart! I'll stay as long as you want me to!" Neal pats her hand reassuringly

 Sarah lays back on her bed and closes her eyes, in seconds she is asleep still holding Neal's hand Neal smiles and gently removes his hand.

Seeing an armchair in the corner he moves it over next to Sarah's bed and and sits down, leaning back he tries to make some sense of what's been going on? After a while he gives up Sarah is still sound asleep but although  he's also exhausted he feels wide awake! His head is hurting and he needs a coffee. There must be a machine around here somewhere he thinks to himself. Neal gets up and opens the door popping his head out of the door he sees a nurse approaching "Excuse me, is there somewhere I can get a coffee?"

 "Yes, no problem I'll get you one, do you take milk or sugar?" the nurse asks.

"Thank you, black with one please!" He turns and sits back down. 'I'm the luckiest man alive, I have the most wonderful wife in the world....and now I have a daughter too!' he thinks to himself.

 With a smile on his face he now falls fast asleep!


 Neal wakes with a start to find a cold cup of coffee next to him and the nurse is checking Sarah's chart

 "Good morning Mr Hage, would you like me to get you hot cup of coffee?" asks the nurse bustling around Sarah's bed

" Amm? thank you that would be nice.... How's Sarah doing?... and our baby? By the way we thought of a name for her.... Dawn!" Neal grins.

 "Mrs Hage is doing fine and so is baby... Dawn! I'll let them know in SCBU that you have given the little one a name." the nurse smiles at Neal.


Just then Sarah starts to stir, Neal jumps up and sits on the bed "Morning darling, how do you feel?"

 After working out where she is and what's going on Sarah smiles "Like I've gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson!....  Do you know how Dawn is?"

 "The nurse says she's doing well. I hope you don't mind  I told the nurse we're calling her Dawn and the nurse is going to let them know in SCBU"

"Good! I want to go and see her now?" and Sarah starts to get out of bed.

"Now hang on there, I think we should check with the nurse first? I don't want you keeling over on me!" Neal gets up and goes over to the open door and looks around. Seeing a nurse coming down the corridor he stops her and asks if they can go and visit Dawn.

"Doctor will be here soon. They are just serving breakfast I think you should both have something to eat and then Mrs Hage can see the doctor then I see no reason why not? Just let one of the nurses know when you do go!" the nurse replies

"Thank you, Is there somewhere can I get some breakfast?" Neal inquires

"Oh, no problem we can find you some I'm sure! Just tell Mrs Rose the lady serving breakfast and she will sort you something out!" the nurse tells him.

 Just then a buzzer goes off in another room  and the nurse rushes off along the corridor. Neal comes back into the room and sits on Sarah's bed  "The nurse said after breakfast and after the doctors been we can see Dawn"

 "OK, now give me a hand I need the loo" Sarah struggles to get out of bed.

"Sure my sweets! I'm only here to serve, even if it is only to help you to the toilet!!!"

"Ha Ha your soooo funny!" Sarah playfully admonishes him.

Just then there was a knock on the door "Come in" calls Neal.

 "You sod!" says Sarah kicking the toilet door shut with her foot that Neal had left open.

"My wife will be out in a minute! She's just on the toilet"

"your in soooo much trouble" Sarah calls through the door.

Mrs Rose just smiles she's seen it all before.

"Would you like some breakfast?" and she hands Neal a Breakfast menu

Neal scans the list and asks for toast and coffee, he might be bantering with Sarah but inside he was still all knotted up and worried about Dawn.

Just then Sarah re appears, Neal helps her back to bed and hands her the menu giving it a quick look "can I just have a cup of tea, please?"

"and some toast" Neal interjects 

"No, I'm fine I don't feel hungry" Sarah shakes her head

"You just had a baby, you need to eat! Dawn will need her mummy fit not flaking out from starvation!" Neal states with certainty

"That sounds so strange...mummy" Sarah grins at him and nods her head " some toast would be nice, thank you!"

 Mrs Rose goes to the trolley by the door organizes a try with there breakfasts "Here you go ducks! Enjoy!" Mrs Rose smiles and leaves the room closing the door as she goes

 Looking at the tray they see two full English breakfasts with pots of tea and coffee plus some toast AND muffins!

 Looking at the food they realise how hungry they are and tuck in ....