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The Priors... Episode Thirty Eight

Rumi and Iver head back to Rumi's place with Marc, Rumi is chartering non stop all the way her excitement bubbling over. They are laughing and messing around like a couple of big kids until they reach Rumi's flat.

When they enter Rumi looks around her and can't help but sigh heavily. Iver is right this place is a cesspit what was she thinking living here with Marc? She thinks for the millionth time how pleased she is that Iver came back.... she just has to hope he stays?

NO! She will NOT think like this!!! Iver loves her their moving in together she is the mother of his son! But deep, deep down there is still that little voice 'where does he disappear too? What does he do? She has never even met any of his friends or family? Does he have another family even? A wife or girlfriend or even other children? He tells her nothing? When she asks he just gets a strange look in his eyes and tells her he will tell her everything soon! But when IS soon? 

Rumi can feel that familiar panic rising. Normally at this point she would turn and run... never to be seen again.... But she can't do that this time ...can she? What about Marc?

"Rumi? Rumi are you OK?" Iver is looking at her a mixture of love and concern on his face?

Rumi looks up at him.... yes, it is love in his face his eyes are like windows he can never deceive her. She smiles at him and shrugs her shoulders "I'm fine! Things are just moving so fast!"

Iver smiles at her "OK? If that's all it is? Well, while you have been in dolly day dream land I have arranged for my stuff to be taken out of storage and it will be delivered in an hour or so! I have a nice BIG double bed!" He winks at her. "If I can get Marc's cot apart and in the car do you think we could spend the night in the new place?" The last part of this sentence is a little muffled as he takes Rumi into his arms and is nuzzling her neck and blowing into her ear.

Rumi quivers and pulls away from him before she looses all control! "I need to pack an overnight bag, I bet I can be packed before you can get the cot apart!" she grins at him.

He smacks her on the bum "Your on!" He dives into his pocket pulling out a small leather wallet reviling a neat row of mini tools including an Alan key?

Rumi looks at him then the little tool kit.... not sure what to make of this? 

Iver is kneeling down and has started to undo the cot.... she had better hurry if she wants to win the bet! 

"So what's the prize for the winner?" Iver asks as he works

Rumi thinks for a second "If you win I have to do what you want for this evening... If I win you have to do what I want!" 

Iver looks up and catches the wicked grin on her face as she heads for the shower room to collect her toiletries!

Whoever wins he has the feeling it will be a good night!!!!!


 As they pull up at the gates leading to their apartment block a large black lorry comes rumbling out.... 

followed by two mini buses also black with blacked out windows.

At any other time Rumi might have thought this an odd occurrence but today she is so excited the vehicles go un-noticed.  Marc has fallen asleep and Rumi's not sure what to do with him?

"If we wake him up he will be so grumpy, but I don't want to leave him in the car while we get his cot set up?" she tells Iver

Iver smiles "It wont be a problem. I'll carry him in, we can just lay him on our bed until I have the cot up!"

"But how do you know the beds here yet? Even if it is I bet it will still need setting up?" Then her face falls "I didn't pack any bedding for us?"

Iver hugs her giving her a reassuring kiss " Stop with the panic! I have bedding... it will be on the bed! I promise!"

Rumi finds all this VERY strange but she trying to trust Iver. So with a shrug of her shoulders and still with a puzzled look on her face she follows Iver who is carrying a sleeping Marc into the building.

They travel up in the lift in silence not wanting to wake Marc. With Marc's sleepy head on Iver's shoulder Iver struggles a little to unlock the door to there apartment.

He opens the door and stands back so that Rumi can enter first.

"OH! OH, MY GOD!!!!!" *squeal* Rumi turns to Iver with the BIGGEST grin on her beautiful face that Iver has ever seen.... even bigger than this afternoon when he showed her the apartment.

"Do you like it? Is it to your taste? If there is anything you want changed just let me know!"

Rumi turns and looks Iver squarely in the eye " I .....Love it? But I don't understand?" she walks from the hall into the living room running her hand over the pink Jonathan Adler sofa then turns and joins Iver back in the hall "where did all this stuff come from? In just over an hour? I watched 60 minute makeover on TV but this is MADNESS???? AND it all looks new to me? What's going on?"
Rumi has followed Iver into their bedroom where true to his word a large bed is set up with beautiful new bedding.  "I want the truth this time, Iver! This is all way to much? The truth... or I walk!"
Iver lays Marc gently on the bed pulling the pillows around him so he can't roll off. He turns to Rumi "Please! I can't tell you! Not everything... not yet. I want to I really do, but I can't! I need you to trust me, please.... just for a little while?"

Rumi turns and walks into the kitchen.... Again an intake of breath at the all new kitchen dinner.

She looks at him long and hard..... time stands still for them both. Iver senses this is the big one, make of brake time. If Rumi won't accept this she will walk and he doubts he will get her back?

Rumi looks deep into Iver's eyes she can feel the pleading exuding from every pore in his body his eyes are moist and she's finally gets it! If he could tell her more she is sure he would do, and yes the time will come when he can? Without a shadow of a doubt she knows he loves he, just as she loves him. 

"OK, just one question and then I will wait until you can tell me the rest!" she takes his hands in hers and looking into his eyes " what you do.... is it dangerous and is it legal?"

Iver looks at the floor and can feel her grip tighten on his hands. His mind is racing this is the one question he was not ready to answer (well, there are a lot but this was the one he was dreading most!) Is there a way out? No!

With a deep sigh he looks into her eyes "My work is within the law and.....Yes! It's been known to be dangerous!"

Rumi's hands drop to her sides she asked the question but this was not what she expected to hear. Deep down she knew... she had known for a long time but she never really expected him to say so! "Is this why we have moved here? Because of all the security?.... and the camera's?"

Iver looks at her shocked at how perceptive she has been! "You noticed the camera's?"

By now they had moved into the living room and Rumi sits down on the sofa "Yes, and the gun your 'work colleague' was carrying! Do you have a gun? Iver?"

 (taken through the window.... but by whom???)

Iver's shoulders droop. This is not the conversation he wanted to have right now but other than lie directly to Rumi... and she would know he was lying anyway! "I thought you said just one question? That's your third! Now I need to get the cot up before Marc wakes up and starts running riot!"

Rumi looks at him for a second then gets up and heads for the kitchen "So that's a 'yes' then! ... Tea?"

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