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Customs and Passport Control

When we enter a new country we are supposed to go through customs and passport control, at The Priors things are no different!

 Today is a very busy day, there has been a massive body swap program running for the last week and these ladies are now eager to live in The Priors.

Eli is ready to start but the list for the day have not as yet arrived!

 She logs on to her computer and has a sip of her drink

 In her desk is a file marked 'Top Secret' only Eli and her boss know the contents of this file but I'm guessing it's the latest list of undesirables?(Bratz, My Scene and other big heads plus any dolls over 14" tall)

 At long last the lists arrive and Eli gives them a quick check over then she is ready to start....

 Eli clears the lists away

 "OK, who's first?"

 A quick check and all papers are in order " welcome to The Priors!"

"Courtney? Yes, I have your here you have family living in The Priors?"

"Yes!" Courtney smiles.

"and you have a new body?" Eli checks a box.

"Yes!" Courtney wiggles her hands to show her articulation.

"OK, welcome to The Priors."

 And the que goes on.....

 More film stars "I loved Toy Story" Eli has to admit

"Welcome Barbara and Kenith....ahmmm ...." Eli checks her computer again.

"The things is.... I... well, I know you have a newer Model Muse body but... well I can only give you a temporary visa  unless you get an articulated body! I'm sorry" Eli cheeks go cherry red.

Then looking again at the computer she sighs " the same goes for you Kenith I'm sorry!"

But the couple just grin (as they always do) "It's fine I'm sure new bodies are on there way!"

Still a long cue....

 The girls chat while they wait.

 " Sorry, I can only give you a temporary visa!"Eli tells Poet.

"But.. but... but!?!? I have a new IT body, beautiful pose  and look at these legs!!!" Poet is shocked at being given the third degree and now only a temporary visa????

"I'm sorry but the rules are you must have a fully articulated body and well your arms are beautiful but... not jointed!"

"This is ridiculous!" and Poet stomps off. 

 At the end of a very busy day Eli is ready to put her feet up and rest those fingers!

 But for the new inmates they are still hanging around for the passport pictures!