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Colette's Date... Fashion Show





 Colette tries on her jacket but after a struggle gives up!


Hay! Stop kicking that!

Colette is very eager to go on her date with Neal.... Or is it the fashion show? 

 When they sit down the show begins... Neal is bemused?

 and not at ALL happy! Woops! Who forgot to tell him it was a Bridal Fashion Show?



 With Robyn on the catwalk in her hot lingerie Neal cheers up a little



 Been there done that! Neal thinks to himself!

I guess I really should have warned Neal what sort of fashion show it was! He He...   


 Colette is more then happy to a company Neal to a local bar


They order their drinks

 And later some bar snacks

After a 'few' cocktails  and some  munchies

 Colette is a little... tipsy and stumbles

 Neal still has the builders in at his home... But is happy to oblige

Not that, that stopped them! .....

 While the builder is working next door in the bathroom

Neal and Colette get frisky in the living room

Then they giggle there way upstairs to the bedroom


Where they round of their date

 Erin's Date ... A Romantic Dinner