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Aria's Date A Beach Party

 Aria looks around the living room having broken free from her box "At last I'm free!!!!" Aria calls out with glee to no one in particular.

 ME..." Hello Aria, you look stunning but you might want to get something a little cooler for your date?"

ARIA..."A date? How exciting.... who with?"

ME..."You've won a date with an A list actor Neal Hage!" 

 ARIA..."The actor?WOW! Cool!!! So were are we going?"

 ME..."Your going to a beach party."

ARIA... "I can't go dressed like this?" Aria looks down at her wintry clothes.

 ARIA..."I need to go upstairs to that new Boutique.......NOW!!!!"


 GAVIN is shopping and spots Aria arriving at The Boutique. Looking Aria up and down she thinks to herself ...'She looks familiar?'

ARIA walks into the Boutique and looks around 'Oh! this is just the place!'

GAVIN is still thinking about who Aria looks like ...then it hits her 'I know who she looks like....'

ARIA TWO..."Hello, Aria"

ARIA ONE..."Oh! Hi, Aria" 

 ARIA can't take her eyes of all the wonderful goodies on display 'WOW! I love this jewellery!' she fingers some pretty necklaces and then looks at the bangles.


 Then Aria spots some pink mules... 'These pink mules are Fab! But not a lot of good at a beach' she thinks to herself making a mental note to come back later for another look and to maybe try them on.

 Just then an Assistant appears... "can I help you?"

"I'm going to a beach party and need something special!"  Aria smiles at the thought of the fun date she was hoping to have.

" Beach wear is on the first floor" the assistant tells Aria and she points towards the upper floor 

As Aria heads for the lift in the corner she spots some more wonderful outfits. 'I love these clothes, I must come back soon!' she thinks to herself

As Aria goes up in the lift she looks around thinking 'cool lift'

When Aria steps out of the lift on the upper level she spots another assistant "Hi, I'm going to the beach on a hot date and need something special!" she tells her with a grin.

The assistant nods and shows Aria a selection of swim wear. 


Meanwhile Neal relaxes at home having just taken a phone call from his sister Giselle who informs him happily that he will soon be an uncle!  He thinks about the baby his estranged wife had lost just before she disappeared on him! He hope things work out better for Giselle and Harry! Then he thinks about this new deal he has made .... eight dates with eight stunning women, well life does have an up side!


Aria comes out of the fitting room and models for the assistant "How do I look?" she ask. 

The assistant claps and laughs.  Aria smiles "OK, I'm ready! Let me at him..." 


Early the following morning....

Neal is waiting at the designated meeting place 

"Hello, you must be Aria. You look stunning...... are you ready to go?" and he kisses her hand turning on the charm

At the beach 

Neal and Aria chat and get to know each other 

 They get along very well and only have eyes for each other 

Autumn is wasting her time trying to get Neal's attention

Yes, defiantly getting on well!!! 

As day turns to night Neal feels the time is right for a kiss

and things start to hot up fast.....

  Yes, I think the date went VERY, VERY well!!!!!