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Windows by Kerstin

I never really reflected on how windows are constructed, until I decided to make one in a doll house I was working on.
On a real window the glass is in line with the outer wall, and that´s what I wanted. But to get that effect I had to get a hole in the wall, so I made a separate one. It looks like this:

 and like this when put in place:

 This tutorial is photographed while I was making a whole room, but the idea is the same for a loose wall.

I use MDF board for my walls, but I think foam boards would work too. This is what you need except the wall:

 Wood strips to make window bars and frame with, it´s up to you what dimension you prefer. I use balsa wood so I can cut them with a hobby knife. You´ll also need a piece of acrylic glass.

The tools you need:

 A ruler, a pencil, glue that fits your wall material, and a hobby knife.

First make a hole, as symmetric as possible, that will help when you´re putting in the bars. I have my wall cut up in pieces first and then glue them together; two sides, one upper and one lower, that way I get a perfect square.

I want the inner frame to be in line with the outer wall, so I work from the outside of the room/wall.
If you want a window shelf you put that in first:

 ( This is another window! )

Then you cut the strips for the inner frame, and glue them on, looks like this from the outside:

 and like this on the inside:

 Measure carefully and mark where you want the vertical bars, cut them and glue in place:

 It looks like a prison now, doesn´t it?!

A tip for cutting the bars: always measure the positions individually! How careful you are, you´ll most likely get a tiny difference, and when it´s this small every little bit counts.

Now start with the horizontal bars:


 and then the rest:

 Of course it´s up to you how many bars you want on your window! For your first I recommend to not chose too many. It´s not difficult really, but it´s time consuming!

Now our window look like this from the inside:


 Paint it now, before you put the outer frame on. If you paint all at once you´ll have to watch out so you don´t get paint on the walls, And you will, believe me.

 It´s a picky job to paint those tiny bars when they are in place, but the paint will cover every little flaw there is. And if you have a loose wall it´s easy to just turn it over to paint all sides.

Pr-paint the wood strips for the frame, again not to
get paint on the walls. If you want corners like this: 


 a saw like this that you can make different angels with is very handy:

 But straight corners look good too!

Now it´s time to put the "glass" in. It´s simple, I just cut a piece of acrylic glass a little bigger than the window, and glue it on to the outside:

 If you want a view, just take a picture you like and tape it on the outside, then you can change it if you get tired of it. This is a bedroom window, and I thought it would be nice to wake up to a lovely pink sky:

 You can make lots of variations on size and bars, whatever suits your and your dollie´s taste! Here´s some examples:

 I hope you get use of this tutorial, and perhaps even some inspiration! If there´s anything you wonder about, don´t hesitate to ask!