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Rumi and Vanessa meet up

Rumi's taking baby Marc for a stroll when she sees her old friend Vanessa

"Vanessa! How are you? It's been such a long time " Rumi's calls out to Vanessa


"Oh, hi Rumi" Vanessa looks down at Marc in his stroller "I can see what YOU'VE been up to!"


 Just then from nowhere the giant red fur ball arrived!

The Lynn's were standing nearby! "Oh, pleeeeease not that dang cat AGAIN!!!" there chorused!


I think the picture says what Godfrey thinks of the Lynn's!


So back to the story...... Rumi and Vanessa start to chat about what they have been up to since last they sore each other 


Vanessa asks Rumi to come for a coffee with he so they can chat more


And off they go chitter chattering along the way


 Oops!!!! The Lynn's call out to Rumi "MISS! I think you have forgotten someone?"


  "Oh, No! Oh, my! How silly am I!!!!" Rumi is shocked that she could have left Marc behind


 Vanessa thinks it is Oh, so funny!!!!!


The Lynn's are amazed that someone can walk of and forget there baby!


"Can you believe that woman?????" asks Molly Lynn


"Oh, well it takes all sorts" says Milly Lynn. They shrug there shoulders and go on there merry way!


Rumi is still upset that she could have forgotten Marc so easily!


 And the forever tactful Vanessa thinks it's the funniest thing in a long time!

Oh, well Rumi will be Rumi!