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Ever been annoyed about how stiff the FR Hommes are? Well, I have been and I finally lost my nerve. Here are a few tutorials on how to get a bit more mobility to your Homme. Mind you, this is not for the faint hearted! LOL! 


Head rotation:

Most Hommes have a really poor rotation on the neck. They just cannot look down. To get the tilt better:

1. Heat the head well- preferably remove it completely
2. Put head back on immediately
3. While it's still hot and soft, press the chin down
4. Run cold water over the head while pressing it down until it's hard
5. Check that the rotation is to your liking

If it's not, you can repeat this procedure as many times as you like. Sometimes the head recedes back a bit in time.

If even several attempts do not help your dolly, then the hole on the neck part of the joint might be too small and you may have to scrape the neck hole bigger from the front (but not too much so that the ball joint will not pop out of the neck!).

Chest joint rotation

Have you ever been annoyed about how the Hommes tilt to the side, but not to the front? I have. Here’s how to get them bend forward.

1. Take a steady grip of your Homme, hold his lower body with one hand and the upper with the other hand.
2. Carefully start bending him forward from the mid-section. Don’t tilt his upper body too forcefully though, so as not to make his seams crack
3. Keep bending him front ways and back to the upright position, until you hear a snap
4. Your Homme is then in two pieces and he looks like this: 

The upper half: 


As you can see, the stick holding the parts together has broken.

The lower half:



If you ever wondered why your Hommes keep tipping off balance and taking nose dives? Here’s the reason: A huge metal nut inside glued inside, to the front plate of his belly. This is the thing that Integrity added to the dolls 2006 to give the dolls a heavier, more high quality feel, but it’s not really a good thing. It makes the dolls knees go lose over time as the weight on the body is not evenly distributed and it puts too much pressure on the knee joints. Unfortunately there’s no way of getting it out of there. All the taller body FR dolls have a nut apart from the basic girls 2006.

5. Take a sturdy and long enough thread of elastic.  


6. Follow the pictures to string up your Homme: 



7. Pull the elastic really tight, as far as it stretches and tie a double knot. 



You can either cut the rest of the elastic or just shove it inside.

Your Homme poses in ways, he never could before: 



In certain positions he will hold his pose on his own, but in others he might need some support.

Yay! He can look at his date in the eyes now! 


Ever been annoyed how the Hommes lean back when they try to sit? I have. Well, you can cure this by scraping the leg holes bigger in the front.