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Johanna's Kitchen

 This kitchen was designed and made by Johanna she has kindly allowed me to show it on

my site....




I still have more work to do on this kitchen. I'm planning on making a whole other set of cabinets and staining them a dark brown or black color so I can change them out. I've now got 2 color back splash the dark brown and the peach so I can mix and match with the new cabinets.

This is it so far:

Here's how I did it:


The Top of the Stove has a piece of the silver contact paper on the counter, with 5 round mirrors from Michael's glued upside down to it and a square piece of black contact paper to look like the controls.

My Dolls are in love. The table they're sitting at I made, then placed 2 ceramic tiles from Lowe's on top to extend it and make it look new and different. The chairs I purchased a while ago from Weaver's Upholstery Two and I made the seat covers for them.


 Thank you so much Johanna!