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How to make a SOFA by Debi

Today I will show you how to make a sofa out of styrofoam for your 12 inch girls. I am sure it would be easy to adjust for your 16 inch girls too. I just have not tried it yet.

What you will need:

*1/4 inch foam padding
*a sheet of 1/2 inch styrofoam
*scarps of coordinating fabrics (one piece should be at least 1/4 of a yard)
*push pins of the same color that go with your fabric
*tacky glue
*thread and needle/sewing machine
*Q tips and a paper plate
*Styrofoam cutter or sharp knife
*pencil or marker
*scissor or rotary blade



Here is a diagram of what we will be making:


You will need to start by measuring the following pieces:
1-8 by 4 inch piece for the back
2-4 by 4 inch pieces for the sides
1-8 by 3 1/2 inch piece for the seat

I use a sharpie marker and my ruler to outline each piece on my styrofoam sheet. Like this:




Make sure when you are cutting each piece out that you cut even and straight lines. You do not want a bumpy sofa.

Next you will want to cut out your fabric pieces. I measure this kinda like wrapping a present except you will only be glueing 3 sides for the seat and back. So cut your fabric just a little bit bigger to give you plenty of room. For the side pieces you will want to give yourself about an inch of extra fabric. These pieces will be covered on 4 sides.

Once your fabric is cut then take the tacky glue and get a big glob of it on your paper plate. We will start with the back and seat pieces first. Using the Qtips apply glue to front, edge and back of your styrofoam laying your fabric on the glue and attaching it. Then you will cut off your extra fabric giving 3 edges a clean cut. Your back and seat pieces should look like this:




Lets do the sides next. This is the most complicated part of your sofa. You are going to start with glueing the front, one edge and the back just like you did on the back piece. However, you want to leave one edge with about an 1/2 inch extra fabric. Like this:

This extra fabric will be folded over onto itself in a Y shape to make the front of one of the arms of the sofa. Once you have it folded over and glued then take your push pins and line them up evenly spaced over the fabric to secure it. Like this:

DO this to both side pieces. we are almost finished!

First take the back piece and the seat and apply more glue to the back raw edge of your seat. Place it in the middle of your back piece forming a letter T. You do not have to hold for very long. Take some push pins and push them through the back of your sofa through the middle edge of your seat piece. Be careful they go through the middle and not out the side. And please be careful you don't prick your fingers!

I used mismatched pins in the back because I was low on black pins. But since the sofa is usually against the wall it does not matter.

Now for the arms/sides of your sofa. You will apply glue the the edges of your T shape and lay the sides on them making sure your pinned front edge is facing the front. You will then apply more push pins with the pins going through the side and through the middle of your seat edge and the middle of the back edge of the sofa. Like this:

Once you have done this to both sides you should have a sofa that looks like this:

To finish your sofa off, take the thin padding and cover that with fabric. You can use the same fabric as the sofa or something that will match. And then throw on a few pillows and you are done!

Now your girls (and guys) can sit and enjoy!