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How Do You Do That?

This Page has links to as many Doll related How too's as I can find!

I will update as often as I can



Manika's Hommes

Johanna's Guys



Neil's Shoes

Shoe Covers

Emilia's Shoes




Spiral Perm By Kevin

Daniels Hair Styles

The Courtesan

Dark Roots


For The Home

Johanna's Kitchen

How to make a Sofa

My Boutique

Tiles by Edna


Other Items



And Finally

Beautiful Rooms


 Some of these 'How Do You Do That' items I've had for and age and as far as I can remember all have given permission? If any of these items are yours and you do not wish for them to be on view or you want me to add remove anything please e.mail me!
Also if you have any 'How Do You Do That's' that you would like to share... please contact me