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Em'lia's Shoes

You will also find a tutorial for making these shoes for your doll from this flickr set: 
1) Pick a doll you want to make shoes for and cover its feet with folio or plastic wrap. I used Antoinette, but same works for any doll you choose.
2) To make heels I used 2-component epoxy putty. The brand I have is called Magic sculpt and its rather affordable as you can buy in in larger quantity tubs.

Take 2 balls of equal size from each ingredient. Its easiest to compare size between two balls than other objects.
3) Mix the 2 components together by rolling them into a long string, then rolling back as a ball

4) Repeat step 3 until you have a ball of even mixture. Separate the ball into 2 of identical size.
5) from the 2 balls into a rough shape of the heels you want. There is no need to find the final form yet.
6) Put the heels on their place. Epoxy putty has a glue component of its own and it should stick to the covered feet easily and your hands too. You can use baby powder to dust the surface for less stickiness, but that will shorten the hardening period as well. Use a toothpick etc to shape the heel into a more refined form.

7) I added some jewellery components the the heels for extra detail. Make sure the heels are identical from all angles and check them often while they dry so they don't bend out of shape. You can sand and carve then for further refinement when they are dry.

8) Draw the dolls foot on paper and cut two paired of soles from cardboard. These will be the inner and outer soles. For smaller scale dolls you can just use faux leather or other non fraying fabric as inner sole to avoid thickness. Find a place for the heels but don't glue them on yet. Choose a fabric and glue it on the soles and sew and glue the edges on the other covering the cardboard completely. Make sure the downside with the edges staying smooth.

9) Sand and paint the heels for perfect finish. Rough sandpaper on horizontal strokes will give you nice texture.
10) Pick a ribbon, piece of leather, or anything you've designed for the shoe and wrap it around the foot. Its better to keep the foot protected even if I haven't done so here. You can use sewing pins to keep the design parts in place when gluing.

11) Put contact glue on both inner and outer sole and let it dry for a moment before placing the two parts together. You can also use super glue if you like.

12) Remove the sewing pins before they are stuck in the glue and let it dry. If you used super glue apply pressure to keep the both soles tightly together. Glue on the heels - for that I prefer super clue.

13) Done. Here I added a strip of leather where I sewed on some more jewellery pieces I used for the heels to give the shoes a gladiator look. This sort of a style with ribbon lacing is very easy to do. I still truckle with closed toe models, but if I find a way to make those easy to do as well I'll let you know. :)

14) View from side and back.