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Barbie P - S






 Rachel was dumped by her boyfriend when he found out she was pregnant and she refused to have a termination.


Rebecca is married to Roger they are the parents of model's Eden and Lilith


 Reni works for a building and decorating company... they have the contract for building The Priors



Riley is a nurse at The Princess Catherine Hospital

 Rose works in the children's department at Edward's Fashion Emporium

 Rosie is the token fat woman in this land of tall and skinny!!!! OK, so I would have more 'cuddly' dolls if I could FIND any!


Savannah is a Star Trek fan


 Sharon is a flight attendant based at The Priors airport




Sienna is a Nursery class teacher  at... yes, you guessed it The Priors




Sommer works at the Airport


Stephanie runs the ICT department at The Priors school

Sunflower (OK, her parents are hippies)

Sydney is in the band who plays in Darius's night club



Barbie A - E



Barbie F - K



Barbie L - O