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Barbie L - O

Lauren works for MacDonald's like you could not work that out!

Lea works as a Hula girl at the Beach Bar

Lillian is married with a little girl and another on the way

 Lola love spending her days off at the beach! I never realised what a pretty girl she is until I was looking at this picture!


 Mackenzie another beach babe




 Maggie used to be a nurse but left under a cloud and is now a cleaner at Edwards Fashion Emporium



Makayla works in the airport


Maria.... has a bit of a name problem and keeps telling people her name is Paige? A short stay in the psychiatric unit should sort her out!






Marsha works at The Princess Catherine Hospital

Martina is hoping to get the job as chief  in the new hotel

Meena is a waitress in the Oriental restaurant 



Melonie love the beach


Mercedes works at Edwards Fashion Emporium in ladies wear





Natalie is looking forward to the birth of her first child

Nevaeh is a doctor at The Princess Catherine Hospital

Nichelle is a police officer

Nova is a hairdresser



Barbie A - E



Barbie F - K



Barbie P - S