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Barbie Leg Switching

With the new Fashionista dolls this is often not needed now as on the most part you can just switch the heads a WHOLE lot easier. But for those that still want to keep the upper body .....

This will only work if the legs have the 'hook joint. If the legs you are replacing are the rubber ones they should snap / break off!

 You will need to drill a hole through the body large enough to thread the elastic through.

 A large needle that you can thread elastic through


 Push the elastic (about 4 inches long ) through the first leg and

 Stitch it in place.

 Then thread the elastic through the large needle


 and feed it through the hole in the body


 Pull the elastic as tight as you can through the hole and feed it through the other leg hook. Remove the needle, fold the elastic over and sow in place. Remember to pull the elastic as tight as you can but you will need room to stitch the elastic. Then cut off any excess elastic


 And your done!