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Barbie F-K



 Faiza it because she like to French kiss? No, because she was born in France!LOL And there is no prize for guessing what she does for a living! The only Fire-fighter in the town at the moment (anyone got an fire-fighter equipment for sale?)


 Gabrielle works in Darius's Nightclub


 Gillian is on leave from the Navy

 Grace is the Hospital Administrator at The Princess Catherine Hospital

 Hana pregnant with her first child

 Hannah is a chef in the Mall food hall

Harli party girl


 Ida another party girl


 Jada another party girl

 Jade works in the Oriental Restaurant

 Jasmine is soon to be married


 Jocelyn is a singer in Darius's night club

 Julia works in the Mall at the Jewellery counter




 Katie is a hairdresser








 Kimora hoping to have some fun in the sun



Barbie A - E



Barbie L - O



Barbie P - S