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It feels like Summer

Posted by saucy-suwi on May 19, 2014 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

It feels like summer just for a couple of days anyway.

The last few weeks have been a mix of putting back the ground floor of my doll (removed when we thought it might flood)  room, just for fun this is what I have had to re do....

Neal and Sarah's kitchen and hall

Next doors kitchen and garden

Hospital cafe, waiting room and consulting room

Hotel reception, dining room and kitchen

Night club dance floor

Nursery school and playground

Luke and Eden's Living/kitchen/dining room

TWO studio apartments

Koyri's home



Ground floor of the Shopping mall... food court, walkway, supermarket, jewelry,beauty and shoe departments.

I think that's it? I intended to just put things back but could not resist and little swap around!!!! I'm going to try and do a video so you can get more or an idea.

Next up are my foster kittens, I must say that often when I should have been 'doing jobs' I have sat and watched the kittens they are just sooo funny!


I won an auction last week for dinner for two on a boat in London (Thank you SCRATCHING POST). I was going to give it to my parents but my dad the miserable old fart did not want to go so I went with my mum. We had the most wonderful day out although I'm a Londoner I have never done the 'tourist' thing so we went into town by train to Liverpool Station

(don't you think it looks like the Gerkin has a gun?)

then onto Charing Cross as the Embankment was closed. We did a full circuit starting on the Golden Jubilee bridge (Wobbly bridge) along the river and past the Millennium Wheel, back over Westminster Bridge a walk around Westminster Abby and the back down to the boat docked next to the Golden Jubilee Bridge. Oh, and we wandered around Whitehall, The Mall and Nelson's Column.

So much to do and so little time

Posted by saucy-suwi on May 9, 2014 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

It's been ages since I updated my BLOG

Mothering weekend is at the end of March (when my foster cat had her kittens) LINK TO FOSTER CAT BLOG

We went out the following weekend to Kingston On Thames weather was chilly but we still had a good time and the girls enjoyed the street music

We had lunch at The Slug And Lettice

Look at the face on my dad... grumpy old git!

We did have a few nice days where the family had some time in the garden.

Tuesday mum the girls and I went to watch the filming of Got To Dance.

My first Selfy LOL

On the doll front a few new dolls....

This little lady is a Ruruko by the same company who make Momoko.

Onwards we go

Posted by saucy-suwi on March 12, 2014 at 12:30 PM Comments comments (0)

After all the rain a little sunshine and even a bit of warmth. Been busy building a doll kitchen LINK TO MY BLOG

After the flood that never was ( very pleased to say) I have started putting my doll room back together

The flowers are coming out in the garden so nice after so many months of mud and sludge

I've starting fostering pregnant cats Turblow is my first and here is a LINK TO MY BLOG

She is now sooo big but STILL no kittens!

Godfrey says look at me I'm soooo handsome!

The SUN came out

Posted by saucy-suwi on February 17, 2014 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, so it was only for one day... but it's a start

Today has been cloudy but at least no rain.... yet!!!

When I had to move everthing off the ground I had no time to be fussy with how or where things went.

An accident at the airport was no help

Yes, I had my supervisor presant (Godfrey) to check I did not break anything!!!

Hi All

Posted by saucy-suwi on February 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Not posted for a while life has been pretty busy and sometimes not in a good way.

First off I have been decorating both my daughters bedrooms as Amy went through a stage of ripping paper off the walls. Also half way through redecorating the hall as the CATS went through a stage of ripping wallpaper off the walls!

Amy went for a New York theme and Sophie for a modern Parisian look...

You may think Amy's TV looks a little strange, that's because she has a magnifier screen in front of it because of her poor eye sight.

At the end of January Sophie had her appointment at Harefield Hospital (same hospital dad went to when he had his heart attack last year) All is well and she does not need to go back for three years.

Before Christmas my Aunt who lost her husband not long ago was having minor heart attacks. She live in the middle of nowhere up a long dirt track in VERY poor condition. Mum has been very worried and we just hope that she will sell up and move near to us so we can keep an eye on her. A couple of weeks ago we went to visit her and took her out to lunch.

The good news is last weeks my aunt had minor surgery and the doctors says she should be fine.

I WANT KITTENS! So finally caved in and had all four cats inoculated for flu and all the other stuff cats get! I have been very hesitant to have this done as some years ago I had my them cat Georgina inoculated as I was getting kittens. I then had the kittens done to when they arrived a couple of days later. I thought I was doing the right thing but it killed my lovely Georgina and one of the kittens the other survived but spent her life suffering eye and nasal problems. Anyway this time all went well and now we are on the hunt for kittens. EASY you would think? Nope! Apparently it is not kitten season so no kittens are around? So now we need to wait!!! Yes, I could buy a kitten but I would rather get a couple from a cat charity so we will wait.

At the moment my cats are pretty fed up with all this bad weather

Dinner time in the zoo

The weather.... well who does not have weather stories this year? In Australia and California (ago with others) it has been mega HOT! Much of the USA is covered in snow and it's still snowing. In UK we have rain LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of rain. So much that there is now mass flooding. We have had huge storms (think Sandy style) Roofs are off power is out railways are either under water of power lines are down. Somerset has been flooded since BEFORE Christmas and now the Thames is bursting it's banks. Many small rivers have burst their banks including the ones not far from me. Fortunately I live up high and nowhere near the coast so thought I was pretty safe but last week the illusion was broken. After so much rain the ground can take no more and my garden flooded. The lowest point in my garden is my doll room and my dad's shed so I had to move everything off the floor in my doll room and sandbag the doors... fingers crossed so far so good!

Doll room refugee's

Oh, and if the storms and damage they have done is not enough NOW some dingbat has started bombing Army offices around the country (seven so far).

Finally my hair! Sophie and I had an appointment at the hairdressers on Thursday along with my friend Lorraine. Lorraine does not drive so I said I would collect her. So we set of down a road called Downfield Rd and as the name suggests it goes down hill between two fields. Naturally the water is running of the fields so the road is full of giant puddles. Driving down the road and a fairly slow pace I came see a bloody 4x4 coming up. Now these are big cars with high wheels arches so driving through a few puddles should not be an issue. This numpty decided they need to stay in the middle of the road forcing my to drive up the bank a little and through a giant pot whole! Yeap! DANG!!!! Tire gone! So phoned the hairdresser, Loraine and RAC (car people) told they should be with me within an hour as we get priority due to the car being registered as a car for a disabled person. Ten minutes later they phone back to ask if we are OK? Yes, I say but we are busting for the loo! LOL He asked if there was someplace we could go to and I said yes as I new there was a school nearby. He said as the guy would not be with us for at least half an hour go to the school and anyway the RAC man would phone when he was on his way. COOL! For once it had stopped raining so we go to the school and the let us use their toilet. OK, so i have a big coat on so need to take it of and hang it on the hook, it has my phone in it. I sit on the toilet annnndddd YEP the phone rings ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! Fortunately Sophie had finished so she got my phone and the guy said he was just around the corner. I explained and well... we met him back at my car!

Oh, I think our hair looks nice and we ended up only 20 minutes late.

Trying to work on my computer

A Funny Old Day

Posted by saucy-suwi on January 3, 2014 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I noticed on Facebook that everyone is talking about the weather. As an English person I'm used to talk on the weather (it's the British favorite subject) I've not 'friended' any weather channels so I think it's quite a phenomenon!(Both the weather and the chat)

Not wanting to miss out I will add my weather report, I'll post it here too as some might find it a bit interesting....

First thing this morning at least was not so bad I even thought I might get some time in my doll room? Once I had finished Amy's homework! Another pet peeve....why do school's insist on giving homework to a child that clearly is unable to do it without my help (doing it for her) I'm 52 why should I still be doing homework.... I never did it when I was at school (maybe it's payback)

Anyway by the time I had done my homework it was lunchtime and big black clouds started to blow in. Maybe it will blow over and I can go out after lunch? Sitting down with a cuppa I noticed a rainbow so calling Amy we went upstairs to get a better look. First it was a whole rainbow then on the left only and then on the right. Then once more it was a full one, as I looked to the left above the rainbow I could see a plane flying, I commented to Amy that the plane was heading for the rainbow Just then there was a flash of lightning that went right through the plane. I wished I had my camera but it was in my doll room.

It looked just like this! (not my picture)

Then a few minutes later a banging on the windows

At least we are safe with heating and light, so many are flooded out!I know many across the US are having problems too so lets hope these storms pass over soon.

And finally on a lighter note

This ones from last week

Anni looks so well.....silly! Izzy can't even look at her!

Christmas Decorating...around my home

Posted by saucy-suwi on December 30, 2013 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Snowmen on the stairs

Just inside the front door

 A Christmas Angel

We call this the Chinese whatnot! The picture of the punks that's my mum and dad in fancy dress. It was at the golf club in the 70's people did not recognize them and at one stage they almost got thrown out!!!

Looking in to the dining room

I love these little mini's that are a good size for doll diorama's too!

And in the living room

Boxing Day

Posted by saucy-suwi on December 28, 2013 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

That's the day after Christmas for those that don't know. Why is it called Boxing Day? Because the day after Christmas is the day the workers received their Christmas 'box' a thank you from employers.

These days it's more of 'boxing' as in hitting each other to get that 'must have' bargain in the sales!

Me? I went to my parents with the girls, I did do some sales shopping but from my parents ipad.... so much more civilized! LOL

More presents and the girls insisted in wearing their onesies!

Another lovely dinner

Yet another day with no arguments..... I can't remember a year with no arguments???? Very un- Christmasy! LOL

Christmas Stuff

Posted by saucy-suwi on December 24, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

First in case you missed it My Diorama Blog DOLL DECORATIONS FOR CHRISTMAS

And now on to Christmas day my parents arrived about 10:30am and we had fresh cooked buns for breakfast

Amy did a little dance then it was time for Christmas presents

After presents mum and I cooked dinner

Lay the table

And for some a little pay time

And dinner

The rest of the day was spent chatting and watching TV a very 'chilled' Christmas.....and not one argument!!!!!

Getting ready for Chistmas the doll way

Posted by saucy-suwi on December 23, 2013 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Damion might once have been a devil but now he is just another guy who love Santa!

Sorry the gold suit just does not do it for me

Much better! And while on the subject of Gwen's great sweaters

I'm English so I had to have this girl

She's been rebodied now.

Red dress on Giselle is by Mattel. Cream and black dress by Made In Paris. Food by Dawn OSS.

Hairband and mixer are gifts from Dawn

Happy Christmas Cards

Posted by saucy-suwi on December 20, 2013 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

On Doll Divas this year instead of a gift swap (I loved the gift swap as I never get any doll related gifts) we had a card swap. Below are my cards

If you want to see the full collection Photo Gallery LINK

It's almost Christmas

Posted by saucy-suwi on December 19, 2013 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Amy is in her school choir and have been very amusing.... that girl just can not stay still!

On the 12th Amy had a check up at Great Ormand St Hospital she is doing very well. Then we went to Harrods for lunch.

Their windows are AMAZING this year but unfortunatly the sun came out so most of my pictures have to much reflection.

I have put them all in one file as there are quite a few LINK TO PHOTOS

The toy department has some beautiful dolls the photo's atre in the above file.

Not been around for sooooo long!

Posted by saucy-suwi on December 19, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (1)

So what been going on? Quite a lot but most of it pretty boring....(for boing think hospital check ups)

First up Amy had an Orthodontist apointment and after that I took her to Van Hages garden centre for lunch and a look around their Christmas displays.

Everything was all so beautiful! Did I buy anything? Do you really need to ask?

Next just a couple of random Christmas pictures I will show you all in a later post...

Yes, there are kittens in the tree!

Gez doing her spooky Christmas kittie look!

This time it's doll time

Posted by saucy-suwi on November 15, 2013 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)

All holidays include dolls. This hoilday started out with just the one Yvette but ended with a mass hall of well eleven dolls (two Basic Barbie's and another Ken not in picture)

Four Sassi, Kandy, Finn and Sadie were sent down from my shipping buddy in Colorado the other I purchased out and about.

I brought a Basic's (cream knit dress) in Marshalls for $9.99 and the Twilight dolls plus some Basic's fashions from Tuesday Morning (my first visit) for $9.99 each a masive saving as these dolls and fashions are still avalable on the Barbie Collector site at fall price ($24.99 to $29.99)

AND I have written my first full legnth story in two years! I'm just adding the photo's and tydying it up so it should be ready sometime next week.

Now for some random holiday (vacation) pictures

Sadie, Finn and Sassi

Girls night out Sandie, Sassi, Yvette and Kandy

Yvette had some time off at the beach (Time off? you will need to read my story)

I'm so not a lover of Camera phone and will be taking my proper camera next year.

Christmas is coming and I'm still in holiday mode

Posted by saucy-suwi on November 14, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes, I'm back! Back on the computer and back from my holiday.

Just over two weeks in Miami and it was WONDERFUL. This year was lovely as Amy finally learnt to swim. A wonderful place to learn a hotel from paridise called The Inn at Key West.  But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

The flight was OK, long but OK and we arrived mid afternoon. At the hotel The Thunderbird Days Inn in Sunny Isle which is North Miami a couple of mile up from South Beach. We have been staying in this same area for 18 years now so know it pretty well. When we first visited it was just a strip of hotel/motels but is now ....well Donald Trump did a bit of building so it's gone up a bit. But our hotel is still there (for now). It's not the best around but it is on the beach and opposite the Publix supermarket. With a Tony Romas down the road and not far from Marshalls. A couple of miles from Bal Hourbor and a five minite drive to Aventura Mall. Yes, I like to shop. As you can see we are right in  the middle of everything (but nice and quite) the perfect place for the girls to have fun in the sun. Must add a big THANK YOU to my mum and dad for making our holiday possible.

Oh, and before we left I phoned Virgin our holiday company and scored a free double upgrade so went from a standard room to a sea view with kitchen.

So on with the pictures, hope you don't mind a TON of pictures. NOTE: This year I only took my phone and ipad for pictures but next time I must lug the camera along.

Well, yes, there were dolls too!

But more on that later....

View from our room

Our pool

Boy my girl's got some hair!

We drove down to Key West for a couple of days

Breakfast in the hotel at Key West

A selfy

The hotel was just beautiful... a real hidden tressue and I gotta say if your staying in Key West STAY HERE!

And the view from our room

I did cheat a little and cut off the road!

A Key West home

We went on a tram ride around Key West and our driver was Chris Cringle, so know you know what Santa does the rest of the year! Amy gave him he list.

Loved the transport

Or maybe?

Another view across the road

And our room again

Did not get any good pictures of the pool but I wanted to show you how beautiful it was

Just Google  The Inn At Key West

and on our way back to Miami

At Oleta Park, another nearby wonderful place to visit

Amy did have more than one swimsuit but she seens to only wear the one when I went through the photo's

And like I said AMY LEARNT TO SWIM

Back in the real world

Posted by saucy-suwi on October 7, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Now Amy is back at school I was hoping for some 'me time' ....not a chance!!! The 3rd October was Amy's birthday

and I have been busy with gifts,cakes and special dinners. So now that is over but still no me time as I'm decorating AGAIN! Yes, it never ends and I'm redecorating Amy's bedroom as she hated it before (it was aqua) Now it will be a New York loft apartment! Amy had also decided to damage the wallpaper in Sophie's room she that has to be re done as well...Sophie wants a Parisian Boudour look. While Amy was ill I moved Sophie's bed into her room this also helped with giving me some room for decorating as Sophie's room is a little on the small side. I'm about half way through but have now had to give me a break as my arms and back are just not working anymore! LOL So now I'm having a break and need to play catch up with my other life... dolls!

I've had a couple of new dolls

Poor girls dress was so tight she could not even sit down in it!

And new outfits

Natesa (left) is wearing shoes, bag and purse by  dollsalive on E.bay and Emma (right) is wearing shoes from the same designer

My two guys are both wearing shirts by Gwen on Etsy

Jenna (Momoko) is modeling a dress and pants from pekoyiu2009 on E.bay

And I've been painting... toilets LINK (could not do much else as Amy was very needy when she was unwell)

Not had any time in my doll room but I need to keep up with my Tuesday post on Doll Divas (DIORAMA TUESDAY FROM SUWI'S PLACE)

If you have never visited Doll Divas it's a great board with lovely people go check it out LINK

OK, so I need to clear away my toilets and get on with some diorama building!

And finally, even though the babies are almost full grown at over a year old now they still gotta go some to be anywhere near Godfrey's size

Please excuse the dirty floor we just mowed the lawn and the cats had dirty paws!

Amy has an operation

Posted by saucy-suwi on September 13, 2013 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Last Tuesday my Amy had a small operation she had her tonsils and adenoids out. No biggy but I was going out of my mind with worry...So I know this is not the normal me I'm pretty laid back but let me explain a little
On the 10th September 2001 (yes, the day after THAT day) Sophie had her tonsils out and all went well... for ten days. On the tenth day she woke up feeling unwell and there was a little blood on her pillow. I phoned the hospital and was called 'another mother hen' I guess I was not supposed to here that? Anyway they reluctantly said to bring her back so... cutting this long story short in the afternoon she had a post tonsillectomy bleed and 'died' in my arms then again on the operating table. I have never seen so much blood and I have never felt so helpless of frightened. Afterwards they told me if she had not already been in hospital I would have lost her. So you can see why I'm stressing out. What if it happens to Amy? What if I don't spot the signs? An ambulance even if it did arrive fast (took over an hour when dad had his heart attack) they could not stop the bleeding anyway! The most likely times for things to go wrong are the first 48 hours and the 10th to 14th day.

We are now past the 48 hours so everything crossed for the 24th. Coincidentally dad has a hospital appointment on the 27th so I could be a good week medically?.... I hope!

As far as other things go I managed to stub my big toe on the oven door a rip part of my nail off. This was a week ago and it still really hurts! Poor me!!!! LOL

Been trying to decorate Amy's bedroom but it's a bit difficult when you can't balance on ladders or bend your foot very well... but I'm getting there slowly. She is going for a New York loft look. We had to move Sophie's bed into Amy's room as she needs someone to keep an eye on her for a few nights. Plus, Sophie wants her room redecorated as Amy ripped her wallpaper.... sometimes my little angel can be a little devil!

Talking of little devils she put almost a half roll of toilet paper down the toilet and blocked it good and proper! Now I'm waiting for the plumber!!! *sigh*

As for dolls and dioramas not had much dolly time at all! Got a few more toilets, a couple of shirts for my hommes and... well that's it!

I do have three dolls I was hoping would be home long ago but I did not count on CUSTOMS I HATE HATE HATE customs!!!! My three dolls arrived in the UK from America in July and arrived in customs then a week later the went (by boat) back to America! Still not quite made it back as yet but fingers crossed they will soon. Then it's turn them around pay for shipping again (best part of $60 I think) and hope they get here this time! So what happened you ask? Well, maybe you don't but I'm going to tell you anyway!

I need to hold my hands up at this point and admit I'm not without fault. The sender sent me a tracking number and as always I ignored it! I'm not one for checking where things are they get here when they arrive, I guess it's down to customs always taking so long that I get so cross with the wait it's best to not think about it. On this occasion a second parcel was sent to me a week or so later from the same person and when this arrived I thought this was the one that had been sent first? Yes, I had been told what was in each parcel but i had forgotten! LOL Like I said I'm a little slow with this. Perhaps I should say I was a little slow from now on I will be checking daily.  Anyway normally when a parcel arrives in UK customs hold it to ransom and send you a letter demanding money (they call it customs duty) and only when you had paid the ransom do you get YOUR goods! To add insult to this the post office demand a cut (about £8 / $12) for taking your money!!!!!! This time I did not receive a letter.. they do not send a reminder so back went my box!

BY BOAT! The only good thing is I did pay insurance so the box is covered! The moral of this story (other than check where your parcel is often) Don't ask people to put a low value on an expensive parcel if it does get lost you can't get your money back. Although I'm still hoping mine does arrive back, and does not get washed away in the floods. I need to add at this point I'm sooooo very lucky to have such a kind and patient shipping buddy.


Posted by saucy-suwi on August 21, 2013 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Went shopping with Amy, Sophie and her boyfriend. He's a lovely young man and if they do stay together I think the will be happy. Anyway went shopping in TK Maxx in USA they call there store TJ Maxx (I think they are brothers) Sometimes you find nothing to buy but this time I was lucky with the doll stuff

Found the Dream House fridge and dressing table... going to repaint these and these two great dressing table/desk tidies.

The weather is nice again for a couple of days so the girls are back in the pool. (note to self must find a way of warming it up)

Second half of my Busy time post

Posted by saucy-suwi on August 19, 2013 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (1)

While playing with my new fish eye lens for my iPhone round my parents home I took a few pictures of their little court yard garden

My study

My kitchen... for some reason I did not take pictures when I finished it so thought I would post now

Bling handles

and a purple cooker

that's it for now....

Busy time...

Posted by saucy-suwi on August 19, 2013 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Not sure what's been going on the last few weeks but no time for my blog. I've been taking a TON of pictures so I'm going to try and play catch up with this post.

First up

I got a funky new lens for my iPhone a fish eye lens

going to have some fun with this.

Food is from Dawn

We went to London last week to meet up with Sophie's birth grandparents. After a lovely lunch we did a little shopping

Found these in Debenhams

They only had these four so I brought another four on line so now I have two sets.

Visited IKEA last week too and I brought two sets of the IKEA doll furniture. I don't know what dolls they are for but are fine for Barbie. Just hope IKEA will be making more sets?

I also brought this trivet to use as a towel rail or funky radiator

You might think the chairs look a little low but I found the human ones and worked out the size they are about right!

On our way back from a hospital trip we stopped at Argos and TRU picking up these 'Dream-house' dolls

Was feeling a bit down (and knackered) when a parcel with a TON of clothes arrived from a wonderful lady thank you Deb

New dolls get to model BIG time....

A new dress arrived from Mary Miniature Couture

And two outfits from OVAZ

I think I'm going to have to post this in two halves as I don't want to overwhelm with everything in one post.